IoT (Internet of Things) is changing everything. It’s converging the digital and the physical world. With it, we have entered a smarter environment where just about any device can be connected to another. Gartner says that it will be the most game-changing IT initiative since cloud computing. They predict that by 2020, a majority of new business processes and systems will incorporate an element of IoT.

It’s playing a big role in the customer experience industry by enhancing communication, reducing wait times, and gaining greater insights. By embedding IoT, enterprises can provide effortless experiences that ultimately results in loyalty, additional revenues, and optimized efficiencies.

Going beyond traditional CX trends, Internet of Things presents a lot of benefits, for the enterprise and the customer. Here’s how it helps:

"The internet of things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled Network of all networks"
Edewede Oriwoh

IoT helps to gain faster insights: Earlier, enterprises had a limited amount of information available to them. But with IoT, huge amounts of data can be mined from devices. With proper customer interactions analysis, it can transform a reactive service into a proactive one. 

Enterprises can now create meaningful and personalized interactions. Using contextual information, they can understand their needs or desires based on how customers click through a website. They can predict in real-time what will happen next before an upselling opportunity is lost or a frustrated client decides to quit the service.

Provides seamless experience: When customers connect with an enterprise using numerous channels they expect continuity and consistency between them. IoT-enabled devices provide information about how customers are using these devices. This will help connect service gaps and deliver a seamless and consistent experience . Thus, giving customers the freedom to move from one channel to another without interruptions.

Enables agents to be more prepared: Agents spend a major part of their time resolving complaints or queries. Internet of things will help agents access information on the go and equip them to respond to customer queries/complaints in a better way based on previous interactions. The faster the data is available to them, the easier it is for them to provide solutions, leading to speedy problem resolution.

Internet of Things

Detects problems automatically: Using IoT, enterprises can provide high-quality service. It can proactively diagnose and identify problems, predict maintenance and service needs, even before a customer feels the need to complain. Whenever there is an outage or problem, information can be shared in advance through notifications. They can also connect their service centers to offer immediate assistance, thus reducing operational cost while enhancing customer experience. A common example is when smartphones receive software upgrades to fix bugs.

Empowers better forecasting and planning: Analytics, sensors, diagnostics, and insights from multiple devices offer complete transparency of services, giving enterprises the ability to monitor performance. This means the device could take the place of the customer and take actions to resolve issues by sending reports. Therefore, enterprises can quickly upgrade their offering to meet their customer needs and also anticipate future preferences.

Why integrating IoT matters to your customer experience

The proliferation of IoT promises a world where connected objects think on our behalf, automate tasks and help us live efficient and comfortable lives. Despite its complexities, enterprises are gaining tremendous business value from it. It’s changing the way interaction takes place, by helping you improve your relationships and the overall experience. Thus, driving smarter business decisions and making customer experience completely synchronized.

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