Customer Journey Analytics
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Enterprises that offer personalized experiences are more productive and profitable than others. Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) presents them with an opportunity to personalize their customer experience and operational efficiency by leveraging data sciences and analyzing the various customer touch points. However, finding an ideal CJA vendor is often not easy.

Connect The Dots To Understand Customer Journeys

Customer journey analytics is the process of analyzing and mapping customer engagement and interactions with an enterprise through myriad channels and touch points. While this may be a formidable undertaking, it has been reported that companies which successfully navigate their customer journey analytics are 6% more profitable. According to Gartner research, during the next three years, 60% of digital commerce analytics investments will be spent on customer journey analytics.

Servion CX platforms examine customer journeys based on behavior and emotional quotient. Enterprises can harness this data to effortlessly predict intent, offer next best actions and eventually enhance customer experience. Servion has designed, built, delivered and continues to support custom and out-of-the-box CJA solutions that suit enterprise requirements across 60 countries so that they don’t have to waste years in the psychological study of consumer behavior.

Customer Journey Analytics requires a comprehensive re-engineering of a company’s infrastructure. Servion leverages 21+ years of experience in managing over 1 Billion customer interactions, to enable enterprises to navigate such organizational challenges.

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Powered by its two decades of contact center expertise and CX technology prowess, Servion enables contact centers across 6 continents with an array of offerings from standard dashboards to prescriptive analytics.

Customer Journey Mapping and Visualization
Gain a visual representation of every interaction a customer has had with the enterprise, showing every step the customers have taken in their journey. Infuse digital analytics into customer journey map to enhance the experience
Integrate Data. Gain
a 360 Degree view
Integrate, connect, and visualize data from all channels and touch points. Identify who the customer is, what they own, what channels they prefer and know what they are trying to achieve, and more importantly their frustrations
Predictive Analytics
Leverage data to gain actionable and precise insights on what customers are likely to do, what CSAT problems are likely to face, what campaigns are likely to succeed
Customer Intent Mining
Consumers want a personable experience. One where they don’t need to say time and again who they are or why they are calling. Identify their intent based on behavioral, transactional and event history
Behavior Analytics
Gain an accurate understanding of which products and customer types are most profitable. From basic transactional insight about who bought what, when and through which channels to what is likely to happen
Multi-dimensional Analytics
Discover hidden customer journey patterns, slice and dice to perform trend analysis. Tap into trends, and gain new perspectives based on segments, and use multidimensional analysis to improve agent performance

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