As worldwide concern over the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow, contact centers across the globe look for ways to continue supporting their customers predominantly from industries like medical, travel, banking, retail, telecommunications, and insurance, where the interaction volumes have doubled and even tripled in the past few weeks.

Companies large and small are hurrying up to quickly establish their new work-from-home mode for the first time to ensure the agents’ safety and the prevention of the coronavirus spread.

The majority still rely on on-premises technologies coupled with physical telephones, desktop computers, and contact center applications installed on local servers. For them, supporting a remote work is a big nightmare, as the customer demand remains high, and call and ticket volumes continue to spike unpredictably. Maintaining business continuity has never been more critical!

Considering the cloud’s short and long-term benefits in a crisis like COVID-19, CX leaders should have exercised some due diligence in advance on potential cloud contact center solutions and planned their contact center’s transition to the cloud long ago! If they haven’t, they should act quickly before it’s too late! Servion offers a swift and effortless transition from on-premise to cloud call center in less than two weeks without disrupting business operations.

With Servion’s platform-agnostic, cloud-based solutions, Servion can set up a risk-free, disruption-free, cloud contact center, which can maintain business continuity, tackle PCI compliance, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. With our “anytime, anywhere, and any device” solutions, your agents working from home can now engage with customers from their homes, take secure payments with a pay-as-you-go model, and no upfront deployment costs.

Servion’s cloud contact center services, supported by a best of breed cloud technology partners, make your cloud transition quicker, more comfortable and cost-effective under your business needs including

  • Deploying a CCaaS-based work-from-home model for agents to work remotely and continue to be in touch with the organization and customers. Activating all necessary business applications, based on unique contact center configuration, to enable agents and supervisors to perform their jobs from home effectively.
  • Agent expansions to handle higher call volume due to the rising customer needs in the pandemic-stricken regions.
  • Automation and self-service, supported by proactive and timely notifications via SMS or voice with no agent involvement, to deflect unexpected call volume and create a more dynamic customer experience.
  • Push to digital, enabling alternative communication channels like chat, instead of inbound voice calls. Allowing messaging for non-critical call types, and how these calls will be routed, and who needs to be notified.

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