The meaning of the word ‘cloud’ has changed over the last decade. It has become synonymous to storage, computing, technology, databases, analytics and so much more. With customers at the forefront and expecting information constantly, enterprises need to step up and migrate to a technology that can stay ahead of the complex competitive environment. That’s why many enterprises are considering cloud services, particularly contact centers. In fact, cloud contact centers are changing the way enterprises communicate with their customers. Its low investment costs, and easy deployment enables effortless interactions via voice, email, chat or social media, anywhere and anytime.

While contact centers solely operate to ensure customers conversations are proactively and seamlessly managed, let’s not forget that they do not function without agents. Agents do a lot of the backend work, some of which include, toggling between multiple applications, thereby reducing their productivity overall.

Research shows that by focusing on performance, enterprises can excel in their business and guarantee satisfied agents. Therefore, these agents are empowered to solve customer problems quickly while providing a superior experience.

With cloud contact centers being the perfect platform to benefit both agents and customers, here are six ways by which they can also improve agent experience.

1. Enable agents to work remotely

Today’s workforce seeks flexibility in their work schedules and cloud-based contact centers give them the option to do that. With no hassles for enterprises to host information on servers, agents can work from virtually anywhere with easy access to information. This helps in delivering 24/7 customer service and often results in a happier and productive workforce.

Cloud Contact Centers

2. Enhances omni-channel engagement

Contact centers offer omni-channel services to keep up with their customers across channels. By giving agents access to software and tools, it empowers them to meet customer needs at their level and time frame. Moreover, with customers interacting through their preferred channels, agents can address a larger percentage of issues from a single workstation.

3. Easy collaboration and on-demand customer data

Gone are the days of asking people or looking through multiple files for information. The cloud infrastructure has brought in an added and helpful feature of collaboration. This avoids multiple copies of the same file and helps teams work in unison on documents that are hosted on the cloud. Accessible from any device, customer service agents and technology teams can work together simultaneously to add or refer information.

ServCloud: Optimize operations, enhance customer experience Watch Video

4. A unified database with all customer information

Looking for data is easier with cloud contact centers. This centralized system stores customer information in one common space and reduces time otherwise spent on moving between multiple applications. With a unique dashboard, agents can get a comprehensive view giving them the opportunity to learn more about their customer’s history during interactions. This increases the chance of delivering a great experience.

5. Holistic integration to maximize agent efficiency

With the capability to handle multiple interactions across diverse channels from one place, agents resolve issues quickly and with great accuracy. Features like ACD, prioritized callback, and IVR save time and make call routing efficient.

6. Engage in performance and workforce management

Agents need to know how they are performing in order to keep improving. By monitoring call volumes and key performance metrics hold times, call abandonment rate, first call resolution, and customer satisfaction, they can identify gaps to give the right coaching and training to improve performance.

Being aware of these factors and using workforce management tools, allows managers to utilize the right agents for the right activity; while keeping into account their availability so issues don’t go unanswered and customers aren’t kept waiting.

With cloud contact centers aiming to solve the problems of agent experience and productivity, how soon are you going to invest in it? In case you need some more answers, read our blog on the factors to consider before migrating your contact center to the cloud.

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