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Service expectations are evolving faster than most contact centers can keep up. Customers want personalized and proactive engagement, easy self-service capabilities, and seamless connection across every touchpoint, interaction type, and device. At the same time, agents yearn for greater autonomy and access to unified customer data to better meet these evolving service needs - wherever they happen to be working. You know you need to integrate more intelligent, AI-based solutions into your contact center to level-up your brand. Now, you have to make an informed decision. What solution is best for your organization?

Two solutions are getting a lot of attention in the market: Amazon Web Services Contact Center Intelligence (AWS CCI) and Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (Google CCAI). Here's what you should know.

Benefits and Features of Amazon Web Services Contact Center Intelligence (AWS CCI)

Greater employee and customer satisfaction, reduced costs with Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend: In AWS CCI is Amazon Comprehend. This solution analyzes call interactions in real-time to provide agents with contextual suggestions for resolving customer issues. Using Amazon Transcribe and natural language processing (NLP), the technology detects the caller's sentiment, identifies keywords and phrases, and then passes that data to Amazon Kendra, which provides relevant suggestions to the agent. In a scenario in which an agent deals with a customer who has increasing frustration, this intelligence prompts the agent with helpful responses to diffuse the situation and maintain satisfaction.

Increased customer satisfaction with Amazon Lex, Polly, and Kendra: With the combination of these three technologies, customers can enjoy seamless self-service powered by a dynamic FAQ bot. Kendra provides the best answer suited to the specific inquiry and continually improves as queries come in. Customers get their results fast and efficiently while agents are free to handle more urgent or pressing issues.

Better quality management with Amazon Transcribe and Comprehend: A powerful combination of these technologies provides deep quality management insights that enable managers to analyze customer-agent interactions, identify areas for improvement, and make examples of high-performing agents. Managers can create a feedback loop that relays data back to agents to help them change their practices based on the new information. Behind the scenes, automatic speech recognition (ASR) generates transcripts that NLP analyzes to provide managers with better snapshots of customer interactions.

Benefits and Features of Google Contact Center Artificial Intelligence (Google CCAI)

Relationship-driven experiences with Dialogflow CX: Dialogflow CX allows contact centers to build virtual agents that provide personalized support, immediate service, and rapid resolution. These 24x7 virtual agents can seamlessly switch conversation topics, handle nuanced questions, save on operational costs, and free up live agents to handle more complex, time-consuming, and stimulating interactions. These virtual agents also continually improve through machine learning, meaning what was once a transactional experience becomes a relationship-based journey with your brand.

Improved agent performance with Agent Assist: With virtual agents on deck to handle high volumes of customer interactions, human agents are free to take on more challenging service issues. Agent Assist empowers service representatives with continuous support during calls and chats, including real-time information on the customer's intent and step-by-step guidance to help them resolve tricky problems. With a real-time digital assistant, agents receive recommended, personalized responses that support them to meet higher customer experience standards.

Shared Benefit: Increased Operational Efficiency with Natural Language Processing

Both AWS CCI and Google CCAI rely on NLP. NLP identifies customer call drivers and sentiment to help managers better analyze interactions, improving call outcomes and overall efficiency. This AI-powered solution delivers tangible results for contact centers by improving call deflection rates, spurring shorter call handling times, and reducing agent training costs. Contact centers will realize higher CSAT scores, and managers can make a prized example of high-performing customer interactions to demonstrate to agents what goes into a most successful call.

Easily Integrate AI Into Your Contact Center

Servion is an end-to-end, holistic technology partner connecting enterprises with AWS CCI and Google CCAI. We have worked with hundreds of businesses (now more than ever with the disruption of COVID-19) on what elements of intelligent contact center technology best suit their organization's specific needs, handling everything from solution design to deployment to ongoing management.

No matter where your contact center currently stands, we can develop a personalized blueprint for your organization to enable a more intelligent, responsive, AI-powered contact center that creates better customer and agent experiences. Connect with our contact center specialists to learn more about enabling your contact center with AI from AWS or Google.