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Organizations worked fast in 2020 to move their contact center employees to a remote work model (at Servion, we were helping customers - many that provide essential services - transition tens of thousands of agents to a secure, at-home setup nearly overnight). Now, the question becomes how to efficiently supervise this newly distributed agent workforce while keeping customer data secure and protected. How will the “work from home” model impact employee productivity and morale? How can managers and supervisors ensure customer data security? How can desktop and mobile activity be efficiently monitored individually and across teams? How can work at home be as compliant and secure as work in a company office?

In a July 2020 study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, about 40% of managers expressed low self-confidence in their ability to supervise workers remotely. A new “work from home” economy requires a fresh approach to Workforce Management built on Work From Home (WFH) Monitoring and reinforced customer data protection. Here’s what enterprises need to consider:

Employee face detection: An AI-powered WFH Monitoring solution allows managers to detect an employee’s face on camera - even with poor lighting or angling - and validate the person’s identity through cross-matching with internally stored photos. This can be done on any device - desktop or mobile - to ensure the right person is accessing enterprise systems and confidential data. If the cross-matching proves inaccurate, an automatic notification will be sent to the manager in order to take immediate action.

Mobile phone/camera detection with automatic blurring effect: In highly regulated industries like government, healthcare, and financial services, the need to protect confidential information from outside sources is vital. An AI-powered WFH Monitoring solution can automatically detect another person’s presence (ex: a live-in family member) and temporarily blur the agent’s screen to keep sensitive data protected. This automatic blurring effect is available for both desktop and mobile devices. The solution can also detect if an agent is holding a mobile phone or camera while working at their desktop, and blurring prevents from taking a photo of the screen.

Employee activity tracking and monitoring: It may look like agents are present and available, but how do you know they haven’t been on social media or playing games on their mobile phone? More importantly, how do you know they are not using non-secured apps that could compromise customer data? Small breaks are necessary for mental health - now more than ever during a global pandemic - but managers need to ensure agents are performing work-related activities and avoiding non-secure apps. An AI-powered WFH Monitoring solution analyzes desktop and mobile browser activity to see what sites are being visited during work hours and how much time is being spent on them. Collected information is available through a simple unified management dashboard by team and individual view.

Ability to track login-hours, breaks, absenteeism, and idle-time: Easily keep track of when agents log in, log out, go on scheduled breaks, and go idle. View information through the unified management dashboard to identify patterns and improve at-home productivity.

Role-based access to monitor team’s performance: Ensure supervisors, managers, and IT admins have access to the right people and/or information via the unified management dashboard (ex: a supervisor being granted access to view the desktop activity and performance of 20 agents in a specific region vs. an IT admin being granted access to view activity across the entire organization for network performance, application analytics, etc.).

Customizable reports that can be sent in scheduled frequencies: Create customized reports to track time spent on work for specific teams, geographic locations, and more. Dig deeper into individual agent performance and productivity to maximize at-home output and customer data protection. Customize reports to be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis right to your email inbox. 

In a new world of at-home work, WFH Monitoring helps organizations adapt with ease and confidence by providing better visibility of and analysis into the remote employee experience:

  • Improve employee efficiency with actionable productivity insights
  • Enhance data security with advanced face detection, device detection and desktop monitoring
  • Increase operational efficiency and control by providing supervisors with customizable reports and real-time alerts and notifications
  • Create better collaboration by seamlessly integrating the WFH Monitoring solution with existing contact center and collaboration tools

Learn more about ServSecure, Servion’s AI-powered WFH Monitoring solution.