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Successful businesses understand the importance of contact center innovation, and they’re focusing on Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) to better compete in a new reality of customer (and employee) experience:

  • Greater agility: There are high expectations for brand engagement today, and customers expect companies to meet their pace of innovation. Cloud solutions enable faster innovation to stay ahead of dynamic and constantly changing needs.
  • Built-in disaster recovery: Redundancy and failover are native features of cloud architectures, and CCaaS solutions provide a great degree of resilience.
  • Flexible capacity management: Cloud solutions can quickly scale up and down to handle the ebb and flow of customer interaction volumes, only requiring enterprises to pay for the resources they use.
  • Intelligent, automated self-service: It’s expected that 20% of all service interactions will be handled by virtual assistants two years from now. Applications of automated self-service like speech biometrics, conversational AI, and robotic process automation (RPA) are crucial to the future of service. Most of this innovation happens in the cloud.
  • Data consolidation and management: An effective, enterprise-wide data management strategy is critical for leveraging the kind of customer intelligence needed to deliver incredible service experiences (55% of recently surveyed IT leaders and executives strongly agree that data modernization is a key component of, or a reason for, their company’s shift to the cloud).

Looking at the changes happening with customer experience and how organizations are shaping themselves, it’s clear that CCaaS is critical. Gartner predicts that CCaaS will be the preferred model of adoption for 50% of all contact centers by 2022 (an increase from 10% in 2019) and Forbes reports that 66% of global contact centers that are not using cloud today are planning to accelerate their move to CCaaS as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How a Strategic Technology Partner Can Drive Your CCaaS Strategy

Moving your on-premises contact center to the cloud is one of the most significant technology shifts your business will face, which is why you need an experienced partner that understands your current and future state. The right partner will ensure you get to the cloud on time, under budget (it’s estimated the average organization goes over budget by 23% and wastes around 30% of cloud spend) and with the results you expected.

Servion offers an end-to-end, personalized, vendor-agnostic approach that helps companies seamlessly navigate cloud migration to successfully adopt CCaaS. Our global delivery team works backwards to design the right CCaaS solution for a client’s exact needs, then finding the best provider to meet the requirements of the design to ensure successful implementation. Here’s how our customers are benefiting:

The move to CCaaS can quickly go if not carefully organized and managed. We take pride in being a trusted advisor for businesses worldwide making this journey, helping them get more value from their contact center, drive true digital transformation, and bridge the gaps between their customers and the services they want. See for yourself with a free CCaaS consulting session.