Omni-channel Customer Experience
Deliver channel-agnostic and consistent experience
across the customer journey

Customers prefer dealing with enterprises that provide a memorable experience. While enterprises have been abuzz with omni-channel customer experience for over a decade, not many have been able to bridge the silos and offer seamless transition across the customer journey.

From multi-channel to omni-channel

As the ways and means of accessing an enterprise grew in variety and reach, the ‘power to contact’ shifted to the consumers. With the advent of newer digital channels such as chat, emails, social media platforms, the customer now decides the time and manner of communication. However, integrating these channels and allowing customers to interact with multiple channels yet have the context maintained across all touch points has been a big challenge for enterprises. These silos of customer engagement have now become the leading cause of customer discontent which leads to a poor customer journey experience.

Knocking off and slighting over existing multi-channel investments isn’t an option. That’s why customer-centric enterprises choose to partner with Servion. Servion knows how to integrate best of breed – but silos digital channels to deliver a true omni-channel experience. Backed by its CX technology prowess and deep understanding of customer interactions, Servion transforms disparate functions, into a well-oiled CX enterprise.

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Fueled by two decades of best practices across 1,000+ diverse customer implementations and strong IP platforms, Servion enables enterprises to offer a truly omni-channel customer experience through a bouquet of offerings.

Customer Intent Mining
‘Micro Moments’ allows customers to research and purchase impulsively on their smartphones. Brands need to create visibility and cater to their needs by tracking, mining and interpreting this data.
Predictive Analytics
Delivering a personalized experience to customers through purchasing patterns and search history. Transparency in using customer data is also crucial.
Next Best Action
Discovering opportunities of improvement in the customer journey, technologies and cross-departmental collaboration to enhance the robustness of the customer engagement hub.
Speech Analytics
Record, analyze conversations between agents and customers; unlock interaction insights on why are customers calling and what are they looking for. Improve experience.
Customer Churn Analytics
Identifying customer demographic, usage and purchase pattern and transactions to analyze the customers which are most likely to churn or analyze the impact of certain experiences on the potential for churn.
Sentiment Analytics
Understand what customer are saying about the enterprise; gather their sentiments and preferences. Exploit unstructured data analysis to translate sentiments into business insights.

Looking for a platform to create consistent, seamless, and hyper-personalized
experiences across multiple channels?

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