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Today’s contact center infrastructure is under constant pressure to keep up with ever-changing customer demands. Regular technology upgrades, often within a multi-vendor environment, have become a way of life, from SIP trunking migrations, data center consolidation, contact center cloud migration, IVR platform roll-outs, CTI and agent desktop upgrades and many more.

Customer journeys flow across multiple technologies and channels that are managed by multiple vendors making it all the more complicated to identify the source of defects or issues, when they occur. How can you isolate or accurately diagnose an issue in this modern, yet complicated contact center environment? Simply put, you can’t.

Servion partners with Hammer, a leading end-to-end contact center testing and CX assurance provider to design, deploy, maintain, and test end-to-end customer experience technologies, in even the most complicated customer journeys.

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Hammer Contact Center Testing and CX Assurance Solution At-a-Glance

Contact center components that are covered in the end-to-end testing and CX assurance solution:

  • Voice quality

    Automated voice quality testing and monitoring solution for work-from-home environment that empowers managers to identify and resolve quality issues that plague home networks to ensure a high-quality CX.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Test and monitor Interactive Voice Response (IVR) performance to identify and resolve issues that could impact CX.

  • Screen-pop and CTI

    Evaluate whether customer data was attached to the call and if the screen-pop displays the necessary information to help the agent expedite the customer’s inquiry.

  • Outbound dialers

    ensures your outbound dialing programs are delivered with the same high quality as your inbound communications.

  • Cloud Contact Center Testing

    Improve communication and simplify operations when your contact center adjusts to its new cloud future, propelling your business forward.

  • Chatbots and Voicebots

    Automating voice and chat interaction at both ends to measure skilled agent utilization.

  • Email

    Automating load testing and monitoring of all email interactions to prepare for volume spikes in peak times.

  • Telecommunications Infrastructure

    Testing to ensure that end-to-end elements, including Carrier SIP trunking, SBC, IVR, and CTI technologies are all interfacing as they should.

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