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What if customer experiences in the contact center could always be like the ones above?

For enterprises, the contact center is the heart of customer engagement. It’s a tough job and a demanding one - for both agents and supervisors. One minute everything is fine but in the next, anything can go wrong. Especially when agents face a sudden spike in the volume of customer interactions coming in.

Planned spikes are bound to take place when a marketing promotion or a discount sale is proposed to hit the market. The factors are understood and predictable. This is most evident during shopping seasons when your contact center transforms into a battle zone, where volumes can cross 200% of peak capacity.

With such a staggering number of interactions heading the agent’s way, it may not be possible to cater to every interaction. And this goes against the adage – “Leave no customer behind”. Subsequently, when agents handle customer interactions during spikes, the resolution time elongates, following a domino effect. But when a random technical outage takes down the operations, that’s when the contact center turns into a bed of thorns.

A seasonal spike is perhaps the lesser evil when compared to the dreaded unplanned spike. They are uncalled for and come as a shock to the system. It can lead to revenue losses and additional stress on customer service. It can also prove to be a deal-breaker to your customers and make them switch their loyalties.

As the holiday season approaches, retailers and e-commerce giants are busy prepping. Particularly for those last-minute shopping escapades. With spike management essentially an integrated organizational effort, what strategy do you put in place to ensure customer experience doesn’t suffer?

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