Winner of 3 Asian Banker awards CSIA Service Excellence award winner for Customer
Experience Management
Recognized by Gartner in their 2016 CRM
Vendor Guide
Trusted by over 150 global enterprises
to run Customer Engagement Centers
Over 10 billion customer interactions
handled annually


Servion is currently serving

10 billion

customer interactions in 60
countries across 6 continents

Servion enables business transformation for enterprises in the area of Customer Experience Management (CEM).
Over the last two decades, Servion has evolved from being a single channel expert to a specialist that
converts omni-channel touch points into long-lasting customer journeys.


Over 21 + years of domain expertise in customer experience management


CX implementations in 60 countries across
6 continents


Trusted by 3/5 top banks, 2/3 top insurance, and 5/10 top telecom brands


Over 150 large global enterprises depend on Servion to run their engagement centers

Spotlight of the month

In this era of digital transformation, human contribution is required more in the areas of in-depth personal and contextual interactions than predictable and routine interactions.

Servion’s virtual assistant solution is an innovative offering that combines data, speech biometrics, and AI to automate most parts of contact center activities. Contact centers will not only just deliver contextual, seamless and personalized services, but elevate CX with intuitive and proactive services.

We bring together best-in-class products and platforms to offer a reliable virtual assistant solution that can bridge the gap between what technology can do and how customers are consuming it.

Artificial intelligence-enabled
virtual assistant


We have had a long and prosperous relationship with Servion. They have been instrumental in building some of the components, especially dedicated applications used for managing the call center.
– Barry Grant, iQor
These are folks that will provide not just the depth and the knowledge that you need, but also the pushback to bring the right solution to the table the first time around. It’s a true value-add relationship.
- Neil Clover, Mathematica Policy Research
We approached Servion for a solution that can handle a large portion of the standard and routine calls we expect, allowing seamless resolution by our agents. They were able to customize the solution to all our needs.
- Noel Charles, BonusLink

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