The Role of Good Customer Experience in Coworking Spaces

Guest Blog by Ravindra M.K, Founder of BHIVE Workspace

Customer Experience
is very important in a customer facing business like Coworking Spaces.  Co-working is not a pure Real Estate play as it involves a lot of other aspects too like Hospitality, Community, Experience & Technology. It is growing rapidly with ever-changing customer demands. Therefore, in such a fast-growing industry, delivering good customer experience becomes a challenge if processes & innovations are not followed.

BHIVE Workspace: Our CX Story

At BHIVE Workspace, we take extra care in serving all kinds of customers (Corporates, Startups, SMEs & Freelancers) by being a customer-centric organization. As per BHIVE's mission statement, " We strive to be the go-to ‘partner of choice' for customers by offering best-in-class customer experience, value for money, tailor-made solutions and the best selection".

Below are a few pointers which we believe helps us in delivering good customer experience and customer delight:

Feedback systems & Update actions taken 
We regularly take feedback from our members, visitors & prospects directly or indirectly using different mediums. We also administer the Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to gauge the loyalty of our coworking customers across all levels of the organization. The reviews, ratings, and inputs given are diligently reviewed by the management and relevant actions are taken to improvise the overall experience. Also, the actions & solutions undertaken are updated to all stakeholders so that our customers are happy that their issues and suggestions were heard & acted upon.

Trusted Advisor approach

All our Coworking departments are trained and advised to be trusted advisors to our customers, vendors, and partners. A salesperson gains confidence in the lead during the prospect stage only when they advise them keeping in mind customer's preferences and benefits. As a result, customers get enough trust and confidence in becoming BHIVE's valuable customer for long term building a long-lasting relationship. By being transparent and professional in all our dealings we strive to be trusted advisors to all our coworking customers which helps us in keeping them happy and also getting good customer references making our business more scalable.

Good Listeners providing Quick Responses

In a real business like ours, we need to be good listeners and provide quick responses on-call / chat / conversation. Staff carefully listens to customer needs, assimilate the requirements and commits to what is possible within their framework & then deliverables them as per their committed timelines & standards resulting in customer delight. In this whole transaction, positive Body language holds the key while interacting with members & guests resulting in pleasant customer experience.

Solution oriented Mindset
All our team members are friendly and customer focused resulting in better customer experience. Even our Housekeeping and Security are trained to follow our processes in dealing with issues and delivering better solutions resulting in building customer confidence and trust in getting their issues solved by BHIVE representatives (across departments & hierarchy). We all follow the principle of 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where, Why) to go to the root of the problem and to find a long term solution.

Dealing with Challenges and Diversity 
As each problem has no fixed solution in our business, we use scenario-based training to guide how to deal with different kinds of customers and scenarios. We also guide them on how to deal with different nationalists, culture, traditions, and genders with usages of videos and online training. We enable our staff to think logically to deal with all kinds of scenarios which includes a variety of customers - B2C / B2B / Freelancers / Individuals/ Guests.

Award and Recognition
We regularly recognize and award good performers & highlight their contributions to all internal & external stakeholders. Only a happy workforce strives towards achieving customer delight.

To Conclude

BHIVE, being a leading player in Coworking space, we are passionate about delivering a best-in-class customer experience which is also our core value. We have built our products & services keeping in mind Hospitality service standards. We believe that few of the pointers highlighted above helps us in excelling in good customer experience resulting in good ratings, repeat and reference customers/partners/landlords.

About the Author

Ravindra M.K is the co-founder of BHIVE Workspace. He is a senior management professional with over 13 years of experience, a thought leader and an influencer. Visit his profile on LinkedIn

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