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Customer Experience and Beyond

by Abhilash Patri

Brand Scapegoating - How can big brands escape this

Customer experience stories and word of mouth play an important part in how the brand is perceived , but today is the impact restricted to the brand alone or does it have an impact on other brands operating in the same space. Sometimes brands have to bear the brunt of an unhappy customer experience created by a competitor.

by Roshini Cherian

4 Cloud trends that are likely to influence customer experience in 2017

Cloud computing (commonly referred as cloud) has been a buzzword doing the rounds over the last couple of years. It has transformed the way customer data is managed. It has given organizations the opportunities to pave the way and push customer experience to new fronts.

by Sreeram Nambiar

How chess helped me up my presales game

One of the greatest openings in the game of chess is the Ruy Lopez (also known as the Spanish Opening). In this move, if the starting players plan it correctly, he will carry a huge advantage. Much like a discovery meeting (what’s the customer’s business problem, pain points, roadmap, etc.) during a project, which is the first step in a presales consultation. This meeting lays the groundwork for long-term engagement. It’s an opening move!

by Christopher Joel

Channeling Predictive Analytics for Customer Intent Prediction

Predictive analytics have been put to extensive use to find out what customers like and what they don’t. Armed with this knowledge, organizations have aligned their campaigns to promote the curate products and solutions based on the insights.

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