Who We Are

Servion Global Solutions specializes in Customer Interaction Management and partners with global brands to deliver effortless and outstanding customer experience. With over 600 customers and 1000s of installations in over 60 countries, Servion’s products and solutions handle in excess of 10 billion multi-channel interactions per year.

Over the past two decades, we have a gained a reputation in the industry for transforming the way people connect with enterprises.


Servion's vision is to discover and manage customer expectations by delivering purposeful and proactive interactions across multiple channels. We do not merely deliver a better solution; we deliver what customers haven’t quite begun to discern yet. We aim to always think better and deliver faster.

In today's digital market where the lines of communication between customers and enterprises are getting blurred, we stand tall - backed by our experience and expertise - and herald a new era of customer engagement.

Our Values

We respect individuals and encourage freedom of thought and practical innovation. Our teams are disciplined in the way they deliver excellence; they are also continuously encouraged to add value beyond the scope of work. We are a responsive and customer-centric organization with high levels of ownership. Our energized work environment focuses on continuous improvement; with emphasis on collaboration and teamwork.

Corporate Governance

We are managed by a board comprising independent directors, investor directors, and executive directors. Our board constitutes thought leaders who stress high standards of corporate governance and business ethics in managing the organization. In addition, a team of experienced and dedicated professionals holds functional responsibilities in specific management areas to assist the board.

Board of Directors

  • Puneet Pushkarna

  • Balakrishnan K.

    Executive Vice-Chairman
  • Sameet Gupte

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Hamid Akhavan-Malayeri

    Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Arun Seth

    Independent Director
  • Prateek Dhawan

  • Rangarajan M.

    Executive Director


  • Brett Shockley

    Executive Advisor – Advisory Board

Leadership Team

    • Sameet Gupte

      Chief Executive Officer
    • Sivakumar Natarajan

      Chief Delivery Officer
    • Thyagarajan R.

      Chief Financial Officer
    • Rangarajan M.

      Executive Director
  • Ashish Koul

    Strategic Business Unit Head – Americas & PED
  • Shashi Nirale

    Strategic Business Unit Head – Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Gokulakrishnan G.

    Strategic Business Unit Head – APAC & India
  • Anil Kumar K.M.

    Strategic Business Unit Head – Middle East & Africa
    • Adrian McCann

      Strategic Business Unit Head – Europe

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