ServEngage – Video KYC Solution (India)

Fast onboarding, reduced customer drop-offs and improved customer experience

KYC compliance is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive exercise that most banks and financial institutions have had to deal with so far. It has become a necessity now to eliminate the need for an in-person verification process and replace it with a digital KYC solution.

Servion’s ServEngage (video KYC) solution enables video chat from any channel via a single click connect to provide personalized customer service and experience. The unique feature that sets it apart from other competing video KYC solution is that it is built on a customer engagement platform that can be integrated with your existing applications, be it mobile or web using APIs and SDKs.


Instant Customer On-boarding

ServEngage allows you to onboard customers remotely using any device from any place

Decreased Customer Acquisition Cost

Full-user documentation through live video and reduced backend processing reduces customer acquisition costs by 90%

Improved Customer Experience

ServEngage provides instant onboarding and skill-based routing for service, that enables uninterrupted and hassle-free customer experience

Regulatory Compliance

ServEngage is compliant with all norms set by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) and RBI (Reserve Bank of India)


  • High Quality Audio / Video

    (Replicate in-person meeting experience)

  • Kiosk & ATM Integrations

    (Deploy on self-service kiosks or ATMs, or on a computer)

  • Multiparty Calling

    (Get a third person into the video call)

  • Contact Center Integration

    (Integrate with leading contact center platforms)

  • Skill-Based Routing

    Skill-based and unified queue routing)

  • Use Any Device

    (Available anywhere, anytime, on any device)

  • Branded Customer Queue

    (Customized wait time treatments)

  • Post-Call Surveys

    (Surveys, Summary and Reporting)

  • Call Recording

    (Training and Compliance purposes)

  • White-Labled User Experience

    (Professionally branded)

  • Hardware Integrations

    (Signature pads, document scanners, & printers)

  • Advisor Authentication

    (Authentication via LDAP or SAML/ADFS)

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