ServSecure – Remote Workforce Monitoring Solution

Enhance ‘work from home’ monitoring and customer data protection during COVID-19 and after

Remote work has a unique set of challenges. How will the “work from home” model impact employee productivity and morale? How can managers and supervisors ensure customer data security? How can desktop and mobile activity be efficiently monitored individually and across teams? Organizations worked fast in 2020 to move their contact center employees to an at-home setup. Now, the question becomes how to efficiently supervise this newly distributed agent workforce while keeping customer data secure and protected.

ServSecure: An AI-powered Monitoring and Data Security Solution

ServSecure from Servion is a remote workforce monitoring solution that improves employee productivity, ensures data security, and facilitates seamless collaboration. In a new world of at-home work, ServSecure helps organizations adapt with ease and confidence by providing better visibility of and analysis into the remote employee experience. ServSecure enables your enterprise to elevate work at home security, compliance, and data protection to the same degree of an in-office contact center.


Improves employee efficiency via actionable productivity insights with apps, website, and time tracking.

Enhances data security with advanced face detection, device detection, and desktop monitoring capabilities.

Increases collaboration via integration with existing contact center and collaboration tools.

Improves operational efficiency and control for supervisors with access to customizable reports, real-time alerts, and notifications.


  • Employee face detection ensures the right person is accessing enterprise systems and customer data through image cross-matching. If the wrong person is detected gaining access, an automatic notification is sent to the supervisor to immediately take action.

  • Automatic screen blurring protects sensitive data when the presence of others is detected – both on desktop and mobile devices.

  • Flexible deployment options – cloud or hybrid – enables rapid deployment.

  • Browser monitoring tracks agent activities to ensure time is spent on value-added, customer-focused work. All information is easily viewable via a simple unified management dashboard.

  • Track log in hours, breaks, absenteeism, and idle time.

  • Role-based access ensures supervisors, managers, and IT admins have access to the right people and/or information via the unified management dashboard.

  • Customizable reports can be sent to a supervisor’s mailbox in scheduled frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly) regarding individual and team performance/activity.

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