Designing the essence of customer

ServDesign is a business consulting framework that enables enterprises to deliver exceptional customer experience as promised by their brand. This framework involves aligning people, processes, and technology strategies.

Transforming customer experience

When it comes to CX, most failures can be attributed to an enterprise’s inability to align its service strategy with its brand promise. Evolving technology trends and changing business needs have made decision-making so complex, that technology teams are unable to align to business strategy. As result, they even fail to understand what customers really expect from them and how they can cater to those dynamic needs.

This risk of taking CX decisions without a structured approach, not just results in poor investment decisions, but deteriorating customer experience, as well.

Find out how to align your brand promise to your service strategy.

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Discover, design, and deliver differentiated customer

ServDesign enables enterprises to discover what their customers expect from them. Through a series of analytical tasks, it gauges the maturity of contact centers and helps them develop a technology blueprint to achieve their CX goals. By leveraging components of its CX framework, ServDesign enables enterprises to progressively bridge the gaps between expectations and experience.

Connect customers to your brand promise

ServDesign employs a series of analytical tasks to gauge the current position of the contact center against its maturity lifecycle. It also identifies opportunities for improvement.

Our transformational approach spurs organizations to capture value through innovation, disruptive growth and business effectiveness, while focusing on customer experience.

Powered by Servion’s 21 years of experience in managing customer interactions across 6 continents, ServDesign’s CX frameworks and knowledge base are built to deliver contextual technology solutions by aligning CX to business needs.

ServDesign frameworks is an amalgamation of methods, tools, models, and best practices to improve customer experience, reduce cost and increase revenues.
Knowledge Base
ServDesign knowledge base is a collection of channel benchmarks, industry databases, technology platform know-how and processes to improve critical contact center metrics.


Servion leverages its unique blend of customer interaction management expertise, CX technical depth, and industry
experience to deliver a world-class CX consulting platform and offerings that
meet every enterprise’s contact center needs.

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