Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Reimagining CX Through
Next Gen Automation

Servion’s RPA solutions provide next generation tools to create software robots for automating any of the business processes. We offer an intelligent digital workforce that enables agents and robots to effectively collaborate during any stage; from cognitive assessment and integrated development to implementation and execution.

Scale The New Frontier Of Customer Engagement

We put the power of automation in the fingertips of enterprises to streamline repetitive, rule-based tasks so that their agents can focus on processes, which require their specialized skills and attention.

Assisted Automation: Robots and employees work together on semi-automated processes

Unassisted Automation: Robots handle fully automated processes, without human intervention

Robotic Workforce Supervision: A dashboard displays robot queues and workflow status; system alerts of automation breaches

Seamlessly linking front / back office processes through scalable virtual robots – with or without human intervention, we ensure high operational efficiency that leads to great customer experiences.

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Powered by 22+ years of CX innovation, we understand legacy systems better than any other player in the industry. It’s why we are the partner of choice for modernizing customer experience ecosystems through robotic process automation.

Integrated agent desktop
Access a single screen to disparate systems and applications through the presentation layer.
Error-free processing
Automate manual data entry and navigation between systems for processing and information accuracy.
Dynamic data management
Provide single-click access to a unified knowledge repository of relevant and real-time customer information.
Streamlined wrap-up processes
Improve wrap-up stage productivity and reduces AHT by triggering automated processes from system events.
Analyze and report
Leverage customisable audit options, call recording, and analysis for delivering relevant insights for continuous process optimization.
Reduced training time
Automate time-consuming and redundant manual tasks so that agents are more productive and proficient.

Leverage our domain expertise and platform integration strengths to automate great experiences.