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Streamlining operations and extracting maximum value from technology, while balancing costs and mitigating risks, isn’t easy. That’s why enterprises need technology specialists who have the adeptness to offer contact center solutions that range from simple integrations to optimizing complex self-service applications. Servion combines its unparalleled understanding of the contact center operations and CX technologies with the power of Cloud, DevOps, and Analytics to guarantee efficient use of technology

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

With the virtue of being in this industry for over two decades, Servion meticulously selected strategic alliances that include the world leading technology brands along with a host of niche technology solutions and infrastructure providers. By staying on top of its clients’ technology priorities, Servion ensures they deliver a consistent and rewarding experience to their customers

Acting as an extended arm of the client’s IT teams, Servion manages the entire lifecycle; right from capacity analysis, workforce management, development, testing and engineering to day-2 support. With an experience of over 7500 man years in the Contact Center space, Servion skilled technology pool comes with an unmatched industry experience, certifications, and technical know-how

Why Servion Professional services?

Masters of Contact Center
Powered by 21+ years of Customer Experience expertise, managing over 1 Billion customer interactions annually, across 6 continents, Servion offers in-house CX technology expertise for all enterprise needs
Unique Domain Expertise
Servion’s domain expertise that goes beyond just technology knowledge. By combining business insights and industry frameworks, Servion enables a true business transformation.
IP Based Platforms
With a suite of CX Platforms built from the experience of executing 1000’s of implementation, Servion technology services complement the technology portfolio of all leading vendors
CMMI Level 3 Certified
Servion has been reappraised at Level 3 of the CMMI Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration and its Support Services. Servion has the reputation for repeatability and consistency in performance and delivery
A DevOps Approach
Servion adopts a DevOps-based approach and emphasizes on collaboration, integration and automation for accelerated development, faster deployments, shorter lead times, and improved quality
Technology Agnostic Approach
A platform, vendor, and technology agnostic approach ensures rapid adaptability to client needs. Servion ensures best-in-class solutions across all CX technology providers and drives satisfaction through an ROI

600 digitally-savvy enterprises in over 60 countries, across 6 continents depend on
Servion to support their CX technology investments.

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