Product Engineering Services
From Legacy to Emerging

Evolving customer behavior and the changing dynamics of the digital world is pushing enterprises to constantly reinvent their products and services. However, for any digital transformation, it is important to leverage technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud. Enterprises need product engineering service providers who can enhance existing product lines while sustaining legacy solutions and embracing best of breed CX technologies

A three-tiered approach

Servion brings together over two decades of experience working with enterprises across 7 continents, deep domain knowledge across industry vertical, and unmatched understanding of CX technologies to provide best-in-class design, development, test and analytical services for product companies. With an extensive pool of product development engineering professional who understand both technology and the way customers interact, Servion uses a three-tier approach to Product Engineering.

Incubate: Servion works with enterprises to ideate on their product need and builds strategies, architecture, design and development plans to meet their business goals. Servion assures high standards of engineering by leveraging its mature CX capabilities, ensuring operational reliability and quality assurance.

Implement: Servion provides a DevOps-based approach for faster deployments, shorter lead times, and fewer software defects. With strategic alliances with all major technology providers, Servion ensures a 360 product engineering solution that offers continuous improvement and multiple engagement models to suit enterprise needs, technology integration and transition from obsolete technologies.

Innovate: Servion turns into an extended R&D team and strives towards innovation and enhancement of the overall customer experience. With a suite of IP-based CX Platforms, enterprises can move away from traditional product engineering services to one that is strategic and enhances the overall enterprise customer experience.

Why Servion Product Engineering services?

CX Technology and Domain Expertise
Powered by 21+ years of Customer Experience expertise, managing over 1 billion customer interactions annually, across 6 continents, Servion offers in-house CX technology expertise for all enterprise needs
Engineering Analytics & 360 Reporting Capabilities
With a suite of IP-based CX analytics platforms, Servion empowers enterprises with contact center analytics, big data, operational analytics, CX analytics capabilities along with advanced visualization and reporting
Technology Services  for design, development & maintenance
Servion offers a host of enterprise services that includes: UC and CC modernization, application integration, web application development, remote operations, database and platform services, and end user computing services
Domain Solutions
Servion offers end Customer Experience Management solutions for specific domains that include marketing analytics, contact center analytics, customer service, end-of-life support, and collections
Packaged Solutions
Incubated by Servion Analytics and Innovation Lab (SAIL), Servion offers innovative CX Platforms that can be used as separate modular add-ons to the existing ones
Professional Services 
Product engineering professional services that range from simple integration to optimizing complex self-service applications, staff augmentation services, testing and quality assurance across all leading technology platforms

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