Conversational Commerce
Create Seamless, AI-Powered Customer Journeys

Servion’s Conversational Commerce solutions, driven by the latest AI technologies, transform the human-machine interaction in a frantically-digital world. Through deployment of chatbots/virtual assistants/conversational IVR, we unlock tremendous opportunities for enterprises to get the best out of their marketing, sales and service functions.

Unleash AI-Powered Conversations

Servion’s AI-driven bots provide intelligent self-service through personalized Natural Language conversations across multiple channels. We offer a feature-rich set of simple and secure instant collaboration services to proactively bridge the gaps between enterprises and customers.

Chatbots: Conversational bots to engage customers on any channel (chat, voice, mobile, web, social or email)

Virtual Assistants:Personalized virtual agents to deliver automated and intuitive customer experiences.

Conversational IVR:A human-like interaction, using NLU technology, to unearth interaction intent; intelligently respond to conversations.

Having partnered with multiple technology vendors, we provide the ultimate bot integration advantage on any platform, including Cisco UCCE, PCCE and UCCX.

  • Intuitively understand interaction context
  • Analyze customer sentiments
  • Drive heightened customer experience.

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Our enterprise and internal chatbots are changing the way decision-makers interact with each other and the customers. Here’s how we disrupt marketing, sales and service functions to deliver smoother experiences.

Improved efficiency and productivity
Ensure information systems and applications are enabled to identify, understand and act on patterns.
Embedded intelligence
Implement transformations with a clear view of operations and ensure the governing business processes are simplified and optimized.
Augmented front-office capabilities
Provide personalized selling so that rapid and contextual messages are pushed during critical parts of the customer journey.
Traditional back-end analytics and futuristic insights
Use dashboards to identify service gaps or opportunities; analyze customer psychographics and strategize purposeful interactions.
Engaging mobile-friendly customers
Influence purchasing decisions of modern customers by optimizing their experience on the go.
Reduced training time
Automate time-consuming and redundant manual tasks so that agents are more productive and proficient.

Reducing customer effort while enhancing productivity of customer service functions has never been simpler.

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