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The future can be confusing, ambiguous and downright uncertain. While contact centers have to deliver the maximum to its customers, in today’s turbulent times their future is unpredictable. That is why Servion enables enterprises to build future-ready contact centers from the future and not the past.

What does the future look like?

The power of dynamics between the enterprise and the customer has fluctuated based on the market economics. The ways and means of accessing an enterprise has grown in variety and reach and the ‘power to contact’ has shifted to the customer. They have the capability to access high level of information on the enterprise. The influx of high speed, high volume, and high velocity has given the customer the power to demand.

Servion puts forward the two decades of contact center and customer experience to design contact centers of the future. Servion consulting practice aims at connecting what customers expect and what they ultimately get. Be it people, process or technology, by stitching together a solution that begins at the top with the brand promise and business objectives, it works its way into your technology components and SLAs.

Based on industry best practices and knowledge from powering over 1 billion customer interactions every year,
Servion offers an array of offerings that fit every need of contact centers.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience Platform
The omni-channel customer experience platform to integrate channels including multi-channel, outbound call campaigns and at-home agents.
Contact Center Analytics Platform
A modular operational analytics platform with real-time operational analytics as part of the core offer.
Flexible Service Offerings
Flexible Service Offerings that are based on enterprise needs and scalable across inbound, outbound, email, chat, WFM/QM, and screen recording.
Support for Enterprises of all sizes
Design and implementation support for small and large contact centers from 100 to 10000+ agents.
Managed Services Support
24×7, pay by performance, managed services support with a track record of over 10 years in supporting over 150 contact centers across the world.
Unmatched Domain Expertise
Complex multi-platform solutions across the world including complex applications and integrations to client’s backend systems.

Discover how you can future proof
your contact center

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