In the recent Walt Disney-produced film ‘Zootopia’, a scene between a rabbit and a sloth who works at the Department of Motor Vehicles office demonstrates what bad customer experience used to be like. While the rabbit is in a rush to get the license details of a speeding car, but it gets stuck with a nonchalant sloth, who lives up to his name.

This rather odd equation represents customer-agent relationships that have often go sour in contact center environments of the past. Prior to digitization of the overall experience, customer expectations/demands were higher than what most enterprises could deliver.

Since then, contact centers have come to a realization that the customer is, in fact, the king. There is no doubt about it. And they are doing everything they can to ensure, ironically, that the king remains loyal to them. Resolution of customer issues in the preferred channel of choice in the least possible time is no longer a luxury. It is why enterprises are investing in technology that consistently offers exceptional customer experience anywhere and anytime.

With the influx of new advancements in the areas of big data and analytics, virtual agents and cloud hosting, contact centers have dramatically evolved. Many of the leading brands are adopting artificial intelligence technologies to ensure timely support and maintenance. In fact, according to Gartner, by 2020 – AI will be a top five investment priority for more than 30 percent of CIOs.


You need the right partner: Servion recognized as a leading Contact Center technology provider

Designing and implementing a smooth-running contact center that can proactively handle any volume of customer interactions and engagements across channels requires niche skills; along with in-depth experience and a track record of consulting and delivery excellence.

Servion has been at the forefront in Customer Experience Management for over 21 years. Managing over 1 billion interactions annually across 60 countries, we use our extensive knowledge of the customer journey to design contact center strategies and help clients deliver great omni-channel customer experience.

The CIO Review magazine has recognized Servion in the list of 20 Most Promising Contact Center Technology Solution Providers for 2017. This annual listing of 20 companies, who are impacting the marketplace, aids CIOs of enterprises to select the best vendor to offer contact center solutions.

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(CIOReview is a published magazine for technology solutions. They provide a comprehensive platform for senior-level industrial experts, IT buyers and decision-makers to share their insights and learn about new technology trends in the market.)

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