Over the past two decades, Servion has evolved from being a single channel (voice) interaction expert to being an industry pioneer in omnichannel customer experience (voice, email, chat, web, POS, augmented reality and BOT’s). Managing over 1 billion customer interactions annually across 60 countries in 6 continents, Servion empowers enterprises to address both traditional and millennial expectations and therefore is the best to address all concerns.

contact center evolution

And what better way to hear about the evolution of the contact center than to get it straight from the horse’s mouth? Manu is an industry veteran with over 26 years of experience. He has seen it all and heard it all about contact centers. Manu has donned multiple leadership roles in Product Management, Solution Consulting, Business Consulting, and Cloud Enablement. He has been instrumental in setting up and spearheading Servion’s technical consulting practice across the globe.

In this whitepaper, Manu looks at the evolution of the contact center from a different perspective. He examines the dramatic change contact center has gone through over the ages. With advancing technology and customers demanding multi-channel customer service, contact center has moved from being completely owned by the enterprise to being outsourced to BPO enterprises and finally, to being insourced – with infrastructure being managed by specialists. He also highlights the challenges related to insourcing and importance of partnering with a niche technology provider in ensuring a successful transition – from outsourcing to insourcing.

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