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We are excited to announce that Laurent Philonenko has been appointed as its new CEO and Board Member. Based out of San Francisco, Laurent will lead the company through its transformative phase amidst the rapidly changing business landscape.

Laurent brings with him over 30 years of experience, with a proven track record of serving successful leadership roles with some of the biggest names in the industry - including Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys.

Prior to joining Servion, Laurent was the Senior Vice President of Innovation at Avaya, where he led the development and incubation of disruptive innovations such as artificial intelligence, mobility, and security. In his previous roles, he has held executive leadership positions as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco Systems and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Genesys.

“Laurent is incredibly well-positioned to take the helm of Servion, given his experience, skills and inclusive leadership style. The Board and I have extreme confidence in his acumen and ability to scale our businesses, strengthen our operational cadence and cement our position in the industry as a customer experience pioneer,” said Puneet Pushkarna, Chairman of the Board.

“I am excited to join Servion at this pivotal point in the company’s history. I’m extremely impressed by the Servion teamwork, focus, and customer first mentality which has globally impacted the customer experience space. I look forward to further cementing Servion’s place as a worldwide pioneer in customer experience and evolving the brand to be synonymous with excellence and innovation.”
Laurent Philonenko

Laurent is a graduate of École Polytechnique in Paris and has a Master of Management Science degree from Paris University.

Join us in welcoming Laurent and wishing him the best.