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2020 has become a real-life case study for cloud-based services, including the contact center. According to Forbes, 66% of global contact centers that are not using cloud today are planning to accelerate their move to Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cloud enables contact centers to be more flexible and agile - two qualities essential for weathering economic storms - while better positioning businesses in an era of constantly changing and increasingly competitive customer experience. But there are three technological components that keep many companies from harnessing the full power of a cloud contact center: data, security, and connectivity.

Here’s what organizations are struggling with most, and what they can do to improve:

Improve Data Analytics with Better Integration and Actionable Insights

Enterprises that are looking to compete effectively require a comprehensive contact center approach that leverages in-depth operations, customer, and employee analytics, but most suffer from the lack of appropriate resources required to do so. At best, reporting tools masquerade as analytics, describing just the current state of the contact center with no actionable insights. Making the move to a viable analytics solution for the contact center isn’t easy, either. Most are expensive, resource intensive, and not built keeping in mind the specific needs of the contact center.

The contact center should act as a deep well of data that seamlessly unifies everything from operational analytics to real-time dashboards to best action and customer effort score analysis. Organizations need to introduce potent, domain-specific analytics tools to accelerate key business workflows and drive better customer and employee experience. An end-to-end technology partner with an advanced level of analytics and workforce engagement capabilities can take you where you need to go and keep you ahead of the curve.

Enhance Workforce Management and Customer Data Protection - Now and After COVID-19

Security is no longer a major concern with the cloud, even in a new world of working from home. An AI-powered Work from Home (WFH) Monitoring solution gives supervisors peace of mind that their agents are working in secure, compliant remote environments just as they would at an in-office contact center. They can validate their agents’ identity to ensure the right person is accessing sensitive customer data, as well as automatically detect the presence of others (like a live-in family member) and blur the agent’s desktop or mobile screen if sensitive information becomes publicly viewable. Supervisors can also analyze desktop and mobile browser activity to ensure agents are staying productive while working remotely across different devices. The solution also increases operational efficiency and control by providing supervisors with customizable reports and real-time alerts and notifications. In today’s tech-advanced world with a bounty of solutions, concerns over workforce management and customer data protection shouldn’t hold the contact center back from its full potential.

Attack Networking and Connectivity Challenges with a Carrier and Network Agnostic Solution

There’s a lot to consider regarding networking and connectivity, from costs and uptime to security and reliability. Securely re-routing services like 800 numbers and data from screen pops from the enterprise to a new cloud contact center without disrupting continuity or quality of service can be difficult. There’s also the challenge of system integrations. Organizations have to ensure they have the right setup and links to integrate a new cloud solution with their existing on-premises solutions. There’s also the need to configure instances from different availability zones or regions. This is where an end-to-end technology partner shines. At Servion, we offer carrier neutral, network agnostic solutions that are geo-redundant with high-availability, multi-carrier support/failover, enterprise-grade scalability, and end-to-end encryption - all with flexible deployment options depending on your business’ specific needs. This is how we have helped some of the world’s largest healthcare, chemical, and financial organizations rapidly set up a cloud contact center and remote work strategy in response to COVID-19.

Complete Your Cloud Journey With the Right Partner

When the pandemic hit, Servion helped many enterprises seamlessly and cost-effectively move their contact centers to a secure, connected, cloud-based environment. As a vendor-agnostic, end-to-end technology partner, we have one of the world’s most expansive ecosystems of cloud partners including Cisco, Amazon Connect, Avaya, NICE, Verint and more. We’re here to help you navigate the final leg of your cloud contact center journey. Connect with our Contact Center and CX Specialists today.