Looking back, you realize that an avalanche of technology change has just hit you in the face. Our lives are never going to be the same, neither tomorrow nor the day after. We are living in a truly transformative age. An age where colossal technology developments are taking place every moment. Look around and you will realize that you are in the midst of a hyper-accelerated transformation phase, in a world of instantaneous information and plethora of data. Organizations too have started moving from a single channel to multi-channel to omnichannel approach to ensure the customer has a seamless experience. Yet despite the countless technological advancements, we have drifted further apart. We are no longer truly connected in a connected world. We are siloed in our communication.

Enterprises too have fallen into the trap. Individual departments function as isolated functional groups lending an entirely new meaning to the phrase ‘The right-hand does not know what the left-hand does’. However, enterprises that wish to remain competitive need to up their customer experience. They need re-examine their existing applications, business processes, and technologies. They need to bridge organizational gaps and orchestrate multiple systems to ensure a consistent customer experience.

To stay truly connected, they need to build effective Customer Engagement Hubs. Only a CEH will allow a personalized, contextual customer engagement across all the interaction channels.

In this whitepaper, Mike McClelland, Vice President – Americas, talks about some of the common expectations today’s customers have and how Servion’s five unique CX platforms help enterprises stay connected.

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