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As is the case with many technology buzzwords, Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) may appear to be more hype than reality. But, is it just another jargon marketers use to differentiate themselves in a crowded customer experience market? Will it just remain a box of hollow promises or truly deliver value to the enterprise? Or will it turn out to be a game-changer for enterprises to retain and provide true value for their customers?

Moving beyond the hype, this blog post will attempt to explain the genuine need for a customer engagement hub and what it means for enterprises today, tomorrow, and beyond 2017.

Why do enterprises need a customer engagement hub?

The stark reality in many enterprises is that contact centers and call centers are disconnected with the rest of the organization. As new customer interaction channels emerge, silos stand exposed. Ad-hoc technologies are brought in with no integration. Marketing, sales, e-commerce and contact centers seldom interact. Without the ability to gather insight into what is happening across all channels and other enterprise systems like CRM, these contact centers risk delivering a fragmented and disconnected customer experience.

On the contrary, the rise of digital and social technologies has empowered the customer more than ever before. The advent of social media and its plethora of resources has led to a vast improvement in their ability to access information and the enterprise. With this power to access, comes the power to demand. Customers have become more impulsive, impatient; often seeking instant gratification and turning to competitors in case they aren’t met. They have now become market makers with a power to transform industries.

This rise of the empowered customer and need to get it right, the first time – every time, has led to the need for a customer engagement hub. Is CEH just a hype? No. There is more to it than just another customer experience buzz word.

Customer Engagement Hub

What is a customer engagement hub?

In the last couple of years, there has been an explosion of brands focused on providing customer engagement hubs. Customer-centric organizations today face a paradox of choice with literally hundreds of solution providers, each claiming their own definition of what constitutes a customer engagement hub. However, a customer engagement hub cannot be a fit-for-all platform, product or a piece of software that can be acquired from a single vendor. 

How do you build a customer engagement hub?

Each enterprise is unique and each customer is unique, therefore each customer engagement hub has to be unique. It cannot be procured from the market and taking one-size fits all approach will eventually lead to an undifferentiated customer experience. Gartner estimates that "by 2018, 60% of large organizations will design a CEH, yet only 20% will select the correct technologies to make it work."

At Servion, we leverage our two decades of customer experience management legacy to help enterprise bridge this gap. We enable customer-centric enterprises to build their own unique customer experience management hub – through a framework called ServEngage.

ServEngage is a fit-for-purpose approach to customer engagement hub by integrating every channel, every enterprise application and connect it back to the core of any business – the customer.

"The Customer Engagement Hub (CEH) is an architectural framework that ties multiple systems together to optimally engage the customer. A CEH allows personalized, contextual customer engagement, whether through a human, artificial agent, or sensors, across all interaction channels. It reaches and connects all departments, allowing, for example, the synchronization of marketing, sales and customer service processes."

Building blocks of the customer engagement hub

Servion takes a platform-centric approach to offer unique CX platforms that help enterprises architect a unique enterprise customer engagement hub. Each of these platforms come with a flexible architecture and can integrate the best-of-the-breed and stand-alone customer experience management software.


Many customer experience challenges that can be attributed to the gaps between what customers expect and what can be actually delivered. These gaps can be either people, process or technology related or an alignment gap caused by the interplay of these three facets within an enterprise.

ServDesign is a business-consulting framework that helps enterprises to identify these gaps and design the right customer experience. It also offers blueprints, methods, tools, analytical models, and best practices that design a future-proof customer engagement hub.



More than half analytics project fail because they don’t deliver the features and benefits that are agreed upon. Contact center analytics projects are no exception. They suffer from lack of multi-channel analytics, poor integration with core enterprise applications such a CRM & Data warehouses and lack the ability to offer holistic insights.

ServInsights is a contact center analytics platform from Servion that integrates data from multiple customer channels and enterprise systems. It uses advanced analytics to offer a 360-degree view of the contact center and enables informed decision making. It offers unified dashboards and advanced UX capabilities for informed decision-making. Enterprise can leverage ServInsights to perform operational performance analysis, Next Best Action analysis, customer effort score analysis and a real-time dashboard for critical contact center KPIs.


Omni-channel customer experience is no longer nice to have. However, creating consistent, seamless, and hyper-personalized experiences across multiple channels and touch points is not easy. Customers often navigate between channels and expect to take-off from where the left before they switched channels. Even at the hint of slightest frustration, the customers are quick to react and they take their business elsewhere.

ServIntuit is an omni-channel customer experience platform that helps enterprises gauge customers’ intent and optimize their journey for better outcomes. ServIntuit integrates data from all enterprise channel applications such as chat, voice, website, mobile, email and video to drive personalized, consistent and contextual customer experiences. It offers a Next Best Action engine and analytics module that helps enterprises provide optimal responses to customers – on the channel of their choice.


Moving your customer experience management to the cloud promises to yield huge benefits to any enterprise, yet many are cautious to make the shift. Perceived high costs of migration, challenges in integration, lack of skills and the overall impact on IT organizations contribute to businesses being wary of the cloud.

ServCloud is a comprehensive cloud-based customer experience platform, built on Cisco HCS, that ensures effortless cloud adoption. ServCloud features integrated analytics and next best actions engine that offers a complete omni-channel customer experience. Whether it’s email, inbound and outbound calls, chat or social media, ServCloud enables enterprises to engage with customers in meaningful conversations, and provides a consistent, contextual and omni-channel experience, using the customer’s preferred channel.

ServCloud: Cutting-edge CCaaS and UCaaS for superior CX | ServionWatch Video


Contact centers are made up of a diverse group of people, processes, and technologies.

Bringing these disparate components together, and making them work in harmony takes a concerted effort. They have a difficult job of keeping pace with technology advancements, increasing CX demands from customers and manage growth while keeping costs predictable. Often, operational challenges come in the way of delivering an outstanding customer experience.

ServCare is an end-to-end managed service offering for contact centers that gives them the freedom to focus on the customer instead of worrying about daily operational challenges. ServCare offers remote and onsite managed services – right from basic support services and change management to comprehensive service delivery management, advisory services, and value-added services.

What makes Servion and these building blocks unique?

Servion enables business transformation for enterprises in the area of Customer Experience Management (CEM). Over the past two decades, Servion has evolved from being a single channel (voice) interaction expert to being an industry pioneer in omni-channel customer experience. Servion manages over 1 billion customer interactions annually across 60 countries, in 6 continents. Servion’s CX experts based in USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, and India deliver measurable outcomes through consulting, advanced technologies and industry-specific IP platforms.

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