Customers always want to be a part of the latest trends, rather than being called a paddlepuss. The same goes with enterprises too when they need to upgrade technology in order to service their customers better and stay ahead of competition.

Throughout the four waves blog series, we have been talking about how technology in the contact center (CC) industry has evolved from a completely owned model to a purely outsourced one and back to model managed in-house. And now we know that a technology insourcing model is ideal for enterprises that are looking to control costs and enhance service quality in today’s omni-channel setup.

But, in a CC technology transition, there will be certain barriers that provoke organizations to wipeout. So here are the top four challenges that enterprises face when moving from an outsourced to an insourced CC model:

Building specialized IT skills

Organizations that have outsourced CC technology to specialists for a long duration often lack the required capabilities to support the new CC technologies. This urges them to train their existing agents with new skills or hire highly skilled agents who can handle the current expectations of customers and have a deep knowledge of the business support systems including data and voice network capabilities.

Contact Center Technology Transitioning

Establishing a new organizational structure

With an insourcing model, enterprises are forced to create a new organizational structure keeping in mind the skilled employees; ones that can take ownership of the in-house environment. To facilitate this, workforce management, deployment of agent monitoring capabilities and adequate training activities are organized.

Tackling increased costs

Investments in infrastructure are always proportioned to a CC technology transition. This doesn’t happen just in terms of technology, but people too. The right fit of people with the right technology investment (both hardware and software) will reduce call times and help deliver superior customer experience. The costs incurred by the enterprise will stabilize after the initial years.

Operational risks faced during transition

A technology transition necessitates a new operating model. From strategizing to implementation, documenting the scope of operations is critical. And in this model, there may be new risks that can cause a delay or stall the process. Therefore, it is better if enterprises leverage the capabilities of a technology services provider to ensure a smooth transition.

So, are you ready to steer towards a successful CC transition? Manu, our veteran CX expert, takes you through the process of bringing it in-house and the need for a niche service provider to help you through the transition.

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