It’s that time of the year for brands, again. They must go through the 2018 New Year resolutions they came up with, as they raised a root beer toast at the office Christmas party. Changes, big and small, that can go a long way to keep their customers connected, loyal and happy. Eager to deliver great customer experience throughout the year, they may have forgotten to ask the gazillion-dollar question.

What are the resolutions made by customers as far as the experience is concerned?

Well, it is often a doozy to figure these out. Service technology is evolving at the rate of knots, and customer expectations are catching up effortlessly. What brands can know for sure is that customers will not put up with an experience that is generic, outdated, reactive and supremely annoying.

So, here are six New Year Resolutions that your customer will definitely not make in the year 2018.

new year resolutions your customer

We are thrilled to repeat ourselves while switching channels.

Go ahead and ask us the same questions when we opt for a different channel to solve the same issue. No problems here. It’s all good.

Please take your time, we are not in a hurry whatsoever.

We have things to do, people to meet, and there’s also the issue of world peace that may need our undivided attention. But that’s okay. Matter of fact, put us on hold. Oh yeah!

We will not speak to robots.

Hire more humans to interact with us until somebody, in some corner of the planet, comes with some form of intelligence that is artificial. Maybe, you could call it Artificial Intelligence or something like it. Yeah, that sounds catchy.

Uhmm don’t call us. We will call you.

Even if you know for a fact that you will be able to make us happy with just one proactive phone call. One email. One text message. Who needs that? Hang in there. Wait for our call.

We don’t plan to use social media…EVER.

Don’t feel ever bad about not reaching out to us through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts. We are yet to get over the sheer excitement of writing to our pen pals in Timbuktu.

Digital? What’s that? Does it come with two sugars?

Don’t fall for the hype of digitalization even though it has been taking over the entire service ecosystem all over the globe. We can download some online reports to prove our case. Now, where’s Wikipedia at?

Remember, irrespective of what you do – the sun will set this evening and rise again tomorrow morning. The earth will continue rotating on its own axis. And the spoilers to Game Of Thrones will not stop. Hence, with each passing year – the only surety that you can have, as a future-ready brand, is that your customers expect a great experience. You must understand what they do not want before giving them what you think they do.

Have a year filled with fantastic experiences!

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Christy Bharath

Christy Bharath is Servion's Content Head & Brand Strategist. He has over 10 years of specialized experience in communication and branding. A published writer, a popular blogger, a script consultant and a coach for budding writers, he is extremely passionate about bird-watching and podcasting.

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