We’ve all heard the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’ and this holds true when you attempt to learn a new skill, like riding a bike, surfing or even deep sea diving. While this applies to many industries, the contact center industry, over the years, has seen critical functions and processes making its way back into the hand-holding of enterprises.

And gradually enterprises have begun training their employees to develop their skills, in order to of dive into CC technology and manage it in-house. This holds true in most outsourcing model failures that delivered poor customer experience and were highly priced.

To move away from additional costs of outsourcing, organizations are insourcing important elements of Contact Center (CC) technology, thereby allowing them to have more control. So here are five ways to dive into CC technology insourcing:

Contact Center Technology Insourcing

High customer expectations

By outsourcing technology functions to specialists, it was evident that service quality was taking a huge hit. It may be attributed to the agents’ insufficient knowledge on the enterprises’ business. Now, with insourcing and a partnership with the right CC specialist, providing a consistent and proactive customer experience across every touch point has never been easier.

Increased control on IT functions

In an outsourcing model, a major issue that enterprises faced included loss of control. As a result, they undergo quality assurance monitoring issues, delayed deployment in policies and development of code for critical systems. Whereas in an insourcing model, organizations are given the liberty to choose a specialist they are comfortable with while having the advantage of being able to drive regulatory standards.

Need to integrate assets and resources

Having a unified view of the organization is key to delivering seamless customer experience. Using this along with CC technology ensures the integration of assets and resources increases optimal utilization of assets and reduces costs. It also provides greater insights to customer journey activities that can help improve CX.

CC Technology Insourcing

Cost reduction

Outsourcing models often saw enterprises spending more than what is accounted for in the business budgets. This is the outcome of added control mechanisms driven by poor quality standards. Though insourcing may ultimately lead to a reduction in costs, investing in newer technologies is often foreseen as expensive.

Need for scalable new technologies

Managing the technology capabilities in-house has proved to bring better results in terms of centralized management and scalability of resources. There is also a reduction in costs while easing the adoption of new technologies.

So, are you ready to make a splash with CC technology insourcing just like other enterprises? Manu, one of our veteran CX experts, takes you through the process of bringing it in-house and the need for a niche service provider to help you through the transition.

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