This is a monthly initiative from us to share the ideas, opinions and wisdom from Servion’s Wonder Women.

Considering that today is International Women’s Day the buzzwords are running amok! Roses are being handed out. The WhatsApp forwards are doubling. And people all over the world are talking about “women’s equality”, “women’s rights”, “women in leadership”, etc.

Now, as far as I am concerned, these are catchphrases that often mean very little. I don’t believe in them. Why? Would you believe me if I told you that I found a lot of them to be hypocritical and sexist? Especially in this day and age of fighting for LGBTQ rights, the promotional campaigns that hijack the public discourse every March 8th come across as being regressive.

Wonder woman - Women's day

Now, I am 47 years old, and I have been a working professional for a few decades. At this point in time – do you know what I enjoy the most? The inequality of being a woman. That is when I can prove to myself that I have a special place in the world. A special purpose. Be it, at home or work or in society. With the wisdom reflected by the grey hair that I often sport, I have coined three mantras for what I perceive as empowerment. I share them with the women in my own life, especially my daughters. While I strongly contest the notion of talking about importance of women being true to themselves only on particular days, I would like to share my mantras with each one of you.

Mantra #1

Discover your value. But, do not believe those who tell you that it must be something that you are born with. That is a bunch of baloney. With a rotten cherry on top. Simply because in each of us, there is surely one thing that our subconscious mind has honed to habit – perfection. Pick that. Use it.

You are better off with the notion that “Sujatha makes the best coffee around here” than “Sujatha is ok on Java coding”.

"Women are always saying,’We can do anything that men can do’ but men should be saying,’We can do anything that women can do"
Gloria Steinem

Mantra #2

Find your circle – a circle in which your “value” is given its due importance. It is, after all, in your hands to make people aware of the value that is inherent to you. So, invest time in promoting your value. And if the circle does not value your value, there is only one way out. It is simple. Just find another circle. Move on. Many of us tend to waste time in trying to fit ourselves into society-approved boxes

Ensure that the circle fits you. Not the vice-versa. It’s a paradigm shift.

Mantra #3

Make your value indispensable. You and your value should become so intertwined that your circle cannot separate the two. Create an aura of “Oh, they can’t do it without me“. It has nothing to do with grooming your team, sharing knowledge or any of that sort. When the curtain falls, there should be ONE reason why it should be you, and not anyone else.

Now the question may arise – why are these mantra specific only for women?

It is simple.

It is because we are women!

Now, as for the spirit of the celebration – I would like to wish you a very Happy Women’s Day. If I see you tomorrow or any other point in time in our known universe, I would wish you again and again and again.

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