Automation & Self-serviceDriving Seamless, Consistent and Personalized Customer Journeys

Enterprises have adopted a multi-channel strategy to empower their customers to interact with their organization in a channel of their choice and convenience.

The emergence of multi-channel strategy has also created a surge in the interaction volumes and most enterprises are struggling to consolidate interactions over different touchpoints and provide a consistent experience to their customers.

Servion's next generation automation and self-service solutions help enterprises scale the new frontier of increased customer interactions and relieves agents' time for quality conversations. Servion harnesses the full range of automation and self-service technologies to offer an intelligent digital workforce that includes cognitive assessment, integrated development and implementation and support.

Speech Biometrics

Speech biometrics is typically suited for hands-free mobile authentication when fingerprint and facial recognition are inconvenient. Servion leverages speech biometrics to automate, authenticate and identify customers without going through annoying security questions. With the advent of speech recognition devices (Amazon Alexa & Google Home), speech recognition is increasingly used to place orders, check bank balance, etc that typically require some form of authentication.

Conversational AI

Enterprises have latched on to the multi-channel strategy to interact with customers 24/7 on whichever channel they prefer. Servion’s Conversational AI solutions includes AI powered virtual assistants that enable highly contextualized and intelligent conversational capabilities. Our conversational AI solutions utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) from Google, Nuance and Amazon among others, to uncover customer intent, sentiments and provide resolutions from a knowledge base.

Robotic (Process) Automation

Servion's Robotic (Process) Automation services enables enterprises to streamline repetitive, rule-based tasks so that their agents can focus on processes, which require their specialized skills and attention. Our robotic automation services use technology from NICE, UIPath, Automation Anywhere among others to cover desktop automation, process automation and optical character recognition (OCR) automation that seamlessly links front / back office processes through scalable virtual robots.

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