Enabling personalized omni-
channel experience

ServIntuit helps predict your customer’s intent based on behavioral and transactional knowledge of that customer. It will empower you to understand your customers like never before, identify important phases in their journey and recommend Next Best Actions to create proactive, positive, and unified interactions across all channels.

Predicting your customers’ needs

Imagine the world, where customers get what they want even before they ask for it. Even better, imagine the world, where they are offered something even before they decide that is what they want. Well, these times are not light years away. It’s happening right now!

Customers often navigate between multiple touch points and expect a seamless experience across all touch points throughout their journey. They expect to pick up interactions, from where they left, before they switched the channel. They expect the enterprise to know them and their context. Yet, a consistent and contextual experience is still missing in today’s digital market. To meet this need, enterprises need a truly omni-channel customer experience platform that can help them deliver an intuitive and unified customer experience.

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Addressing customer needs much ahead of time

ServIntuit is an omni-channel customer experience enabler that delivers a tailored experience. It tracks customers’ unique journey and intuitively detects their interaction context to deliver a Next Best Action (NBA) upfront, enhance First Contact Resolution (FCR) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) while reducing Customer Effort Score (CES) and Average Handling Time (AHT).

ServIntuit predicts customer’s intent based on behavioral, transactional, and event histories to discover a 360-degree view of the customer and their context. It empowers enterprises to incorporate proactive customer care processes that improve efficiency and automate reach. ServIntuit comes with pre-built analytical models to measure customer intent, customer effort, customer lifetime value, propensity to buy, churn and sentiment analytics.

Personalized omni-channel experience made possible

ServIntuit is powered by Servion’s big data and analytics engine. It integrates data from enterprise channel applications, be it chat, voice, website, mobile, email or video, and enables them to deliver the NBAs.

Powered by Servion’s 21 years of experience in managing customer interactions across 6 continents, ServIntuit ensures omni-channel success like never before through predictive algorithms, behavioral patterns, and event tracking.

Next Best Actions
Identify ways of providing differentiated customer experience and present the right next best actions. This will not only solve customer challenges more efficiently but also deliver greater value.
Leverage powerful, proven analytics methodologies that are based on industry best practices to predict customer intent, measure customer lifetime value, measure customer satisfaction and customer effort score.
Customer Journey Map
Empower agents with a 360-degree view of the customer’s journey. Enable them to get deeper insights into each customer’s journey and the customer challenges across the process lifecycle.
Self-Services Configurator
Provide highly customized, intuitive, dynamic, and reliable self-service with easy to use, self-configurable interaction flow management systems that minimize dependency on external vendors.

Flexible deployment models

ServIntuit comes with two deployment models to cater to different needs.

Base Model


The Servintuit base model offers integration with custom databases, an enterprise messaging bus system, and pre-built analytical models. Keeping in mind unique enterprise needs, this model is available both on-premise and on the cloud.

 Comprehensive Model


In addition to what is offered under the base model, the Servintuit comprehensive model comes bundled with an enterprise big data and analytics engine. Servion ensures implementation success through industry-proven analytics methodology.

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