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ServInsights is a data analytics platform that harnesses Servion’s 20+ years of contact center know-how. It enables data integration, customer experience analysis, data analysis, performance assessment, and business intelligence analytics.

Big data with customers Insights

Contact centers are the data nerve centers of every enterprise. Customers leave behind a large amount of data with every interaction, creating a wealth of information. As the data volume grows and new channels get added, contact centers are plagued by data silos and information overload.

A single version of the truth is always hard to come by. For effective business decision making, contact centers need insights on day-to-day operations, critical KPIs, customer journey and everything else that tells them how well are they performing.

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Transforming contact centers into insight centers

ServInsights is an IP-based analytics platform that helps contact centers move towards a direction that the industry has adopted while embracing analytics. It offers self-configurable real-time dashboards and historical insights required to answer the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions about day-to-day operations and customer behavior across all channels. Simply put, it offers everything that is required to answer ‘how well is your contact center performing now’.

ServInsights can integrate multi-channel data with enterprise applications and information systems to facilitate informed decision making. ServInsights is not just another contact center reporting tool but a flexible analytics platform that transforms contact centers into an insight centers.

Analyze data. Deliver insights. Enable decisions.

ServInsights accelerates decision making by offering customer and business insights holistically, all in one view.

It cuts down the time data analysts spend on building reports and energizes contact centers to move from mere reporting to deep analytics by consolidating data, unifying reporting, and offering advanced visualization.

Powered by Servion’s 21 years of experience in managing customer interactions across 6 continents,
ServInsights makes it easy for contact centers to:

 Customer Journey
Discover hidden customer behavioral data, slice and dice to perform trend analysis. Map customer journey based on segments.
Track All Critical KPIs
Gain a unified view of all critical contact center KPIs and metrics for customer experience success in one unified and interactive dashboard.
D-I-Y Analytics
Personalize dashboards, use advanced data visualization to build custom reports, perform ad-hoc analysis, drill down deep to identify root causes.

Flexible Deployment Models

ServInsights comes with two deployment models to cater to different needs.

 Standard Edition


The ServInsights standard edition offers a deep evaluation of customer data across channels and enterprise systems to determine the root cause of issues, holistically assess contact center performance, and enhance customer experience.

 Real-Time Edition


This edition offers a web-based interface for real-time insight into the contact center performance. By using dashboard widgets, a real-time status of agents performance, skills, and precisions queues can be viewed in a single unified dashboard.

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