Personalized omnichannel experience

While contact centers have been abuzz trying to become multi-channel enabled for over a decade, not many of them have been able to join the dots and integrate every available channel to offer personalized customer services. Omnichannel customer experience is no longer just an option. It is the need of the hour.

Servion has put together a deep-rooted understanding of customer interaction management and contact center operations to build a platform that delivers effortless customer experience .

ServIntuitSM helps to better understand customers, recommend Next Best Actions and create proactive, positive and unified interactions across all channels.

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Why ServIntuitSM

The ways and means for customers to interact with enterprises have grown in variety and reach. Research has proven that while the focus is on providing customer service through multiple channels, a consistent and contextual experience is still missing in today’s digital market. This is the single biggest problem that ServIntuitSM solves for enterprises and customers alike.

  • ServIntuitSM addresses the gaps between investments in multi-channel solutions and the end-user experience
  • By predicting customer intent, ServIntuitSM provides that experience in a channel that is best suited for the customer
  • ServIntuitSM integrates data from enterprise channel applications, be it chat, voice, website, mobile, email or video, and enables them to deliver the Next Best Actions in the context of customers

Next Best Action

Enterprises may have insights into their customer behavior and operational metrics, but there are a lot of challenges correlating them and putting them together as actionable insights. ServIntuitSM integrates data from behavioral patterns, transactions and events to recommend the right Next Best Action in the right channel to the right customer.

ServIntuit’s Rule Engine (RE) executes rules that are configured in the system to improve customer interactions. These can be simple routing rules for efficiently handling an interaction or complex business rules that analyses customer profile and interaction data.

Imagine a scenario where a customer has shown interest in your products listed on your website but doesn’t complete a purchase. ServIntuitSM analyzes the data associated to the interaction and predicts if the customer is likely to buy. It also provides a mechanism to proactively reach out in the right channel.

Configurator Tool

ServIntuitSM comes with an add-on configurator tool for channel applications. It allows the enterprise to draw the call tree and assign rules directly to the call tree. By doing so, the entire call flow becomes dynamic where the outcome of rules determines the call menus and its behavior.

Analytics Platform

Our Analytics platform – powered by statistical and machine learning models - aids ServIntuitSM to predict what is best for the customer.

It is based on 5 key parameters:

  • Customer Effort Score: Are customers spending a lot of time during interactions? Are some products or services contributing to higher average customer effort? Are these efforts just time-based efforts or cognitive efforts as well? ServIntuitSM helps you find answers to these questions
  • Predict Customer Intent: ServIntuitSM predicts a customer’s call and their intent. Powered by this knowledge, agents can dramatically improve resolution time and lower the overall interaction time
  • Track Customer Journey: ServIntuitSM streamlines internal processes and improves interaction experience. It finds out how customers are interacting with the enterprise, and what touch-points they are using, whether they spend more time on a particular channel, etc.
  • Measure Customer Lifetime Value: It unlocks the past and the probable future value that a customer is likely to add to an enterprise
  • Evaluate sentiment score: Are customers happy enough to advocate the brand? If so, what are they talking about? ServIntuitSM discovers these answers to improve customer sentiments and fine-tune interaction objectives

Benefits - Enterprise

  • Attract, retain and grow customer bases
  • Get a single integrated view of customer profiles / interactions
  • Access improved customer data for targeted follow-ups and marketing campaigns
  • Meet customers where they actually are and not where they are merely expected to extend customer service across all social channels
  • Improve customer satisfaction scores
  • Utilize existing infrastructure and investments

Benefits - Customers

  • A seamless omnichannel experience with personalized customer interactions
  • Brand perception of being truly valued
  • Improved satisfaction levels leading to customer loyalty

Whether the cloud or in your premise

We empower contact centers with the flexibility to choose a deployment option that suits their customer infrastructural strategies and interactive objectives. ServIntuit comes with options for both cloud and on-premise deployment.

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