Harnessing analytics to improve performance

Contact Centers have an enormous amount of data. It is not just complex but scattered in silos across multiple data sources. With so many discrete reports, conventional business and operational teams spend a huge amount of time manually extracting and consolidating them.

Digitally-savvy contact center managers don’t just want to know what is happening, but they also want to know how to unscramble that data to get over performance blocks.

With ServInsightsSM you have the power to correlate them with enterprise databases, such as CRM, to gain actionable insights. ServInsightsSM is the starting point for all your interaction data and contact center data sources. Leveraging Servion’s two decades of experience running contact centers across the globe, it gives you all the data you need to answer the “what”, “why” and “how” questions about day-to-day operations.

  • Why ServInsightsSM
  • Interact With Data
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Easy Deployment

Why ServInsightsSM

Contact Center managers always want to do more with data. Unfortunately, most reporting tools are based on conventional methodologies and none of them offer what they need. ServInsightsSM goes beyond traditional reporting solutions and allows users to analyze collected data. Some of its unique features include:

  • A universe of predefined and commonly-used reports as templates
  • The flexibility to build customized dashboards in just a few clicks
  • The capabilities to identify and rectify performance blocks
  • Zero hidden costs since the application and database are fused into the same platform
  • A simple graphic presentation layer that offers meaningful and visually informative reports
  • A low-cost TCO solution with a simple and straight forward deployment methodology
  • Reduced dependency on internal and external IT teams to generate and maintain reports

Perform In-depth Root Cause Analysis

Using intuitive and configurable dashboards, ServInsightsSM helps enterprises to reduce the time taken to develop new reports. It amalgamates data from various disparate sources and provides a single view of customer journeys. The dashboard does not limit reporting data just from contact center systems like ACD, CTI, outbound, email, chat, and social users. It also supports integration with external systems such as CRMS and workforce optimization solutions to provide a holistic view.

The unified dashboard instantaneously reveals missing links of the customer journey – which otherwise take days to identify. It also enables drilling down from the summary to the last record to nail the issue in hand.

ServInsightsSM supports multiple report layouts and data representation using visual indicators and historical trends for enhanced decision-making.

With ServInsightsSM – operational and business users can

  • Derive data analysis for a more holistic view of the customer interaction and agent performance
  • Measure results and performance of the contact center against business objectives of exceeding customer expectations
  • Leverage business intelligence analytics in addition to the standard, technical and operational metrics that can derive direct revenue impact

Low cost of ownership

The true cost of getting Contact Center reports is often misunderstood. ServInsights cuts down your total cost of ownership by a factor of over 60%.

  • Manpower Cost: Hire, train and retain staff who are skilled to manually integrate reports from ACD, email, chat and other channels
  • Time Cost: Build better reports faster and create templates that will reduce average time spent on generating reports

Real-time dashboard

Through a web-based interface, ServInsights Real-Time (RT) provides a real-time view of contact center performance.

  • ServInsights RT is reliable command center to view real-time statistics of information relating to queue / agent / other key elements that are displayed using widgets.
  • Using various illustrative formats such as a list view, graphs and stacked bars, it displays performance information in an intuitive and visually-compelling way.
  • ServInsights RT highlights incidents that could turn into performance blocks
  • It enhances control over service level objectives and enables timely and informed decisions

Easy Deployment Options

Not all contact centers are the same and each has different needs from a business and technical deployment standpoint. ServInsightsSM offers flexible deployment options that will meet today's needs based on tomorrow's expectations

  • Capex or Opex: ServInsightsSM offers a differentiated implementation model which can be availed as a one-time deployment (Capex) or deployment for a monthly fee (Opex).
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): The data can be hosted centrally in our data center and the insights on overall operational performance can be rendered on a daily/weekly and demand basis
  • Managed Service and Business Consulting Services: Our consulting arm leverages ServInsightsSM to analyze data to recommend what is working and not working for a predefined agreed KPIs in the contact center
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