Servion’s product engineering services comprise of products that help you minimize costs and resources while streamlining and enhancing operations and revenue.

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  • ServIntuit

    ServIntuit is an innovative solution that helps organizations predict customer interaction intent based on behavioral and transactional knowledge of the customer. Our powerful research-assemble-optimize approach simplifies the customer interaction maze.

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  • ServInsights

    ServInsights operates as an intelligent business dashboard utilizing data from self-service, agent interaction and customer behavior. It enables data integration, customer experience analysis, data analysis, performance assessment and business intelligence analytics.

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  • ServCampaign

    ServCampaign is an outbound solution designed to optimize, list and manage campaigns to deliver increased numbers of right party contacts via voice, email or SMS. It works by first optimizing your target contacts and segments before developing advanced yet intuitive strategies.

  • ServConnect

    ServConnect helps you integrate heterogeneous environments through plug and play connectors. It enables increased flexibility to specifically meet businesses’ individual needs.

  • ServVisualminer

    ServVisualminer is an innovative solution that can help you predict customer interaction intent based on behavioral and transactional knowledge. Harness the power of data generated through your contact center to gain actionable context for customer interaction.

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