Defining and developing the right experience

We are a specialist in the collaboration and customer experience domain who can partner in engineering services to sustain legacy solutions, enhance existing product lines and aid in conceptualizing and building cutting-edge technologies.

Defining and developing the right solution is a crucial step to market a software product / solution that will surpass customer expectations. Servion’s Product Engineering Services offers smooth integration of emerging technologies with current products, business systems, and processes to make solutions more effective.

Customer experience management is a niche domain and calls for unique skill-sets which can be provided for building customized and relevant solutions. We offer various engagement models that suit business needs while designing innovative models specific to the same.

  • Why PES?
  • Technology Services
  • Domain Solutions
  • Packaged Solutions
  • Professional Services

Three-tier approach to ensure customer success


Our domain expertise helps in ideating product launch strategies and managing product portfolios at lowered costs. Our mature capabilities in CEM and WFO with high standards of security ensure operational relatability and quality assurance.


Our technology practices with multi-channel capabilities turn interaction data to business intelligence. Our pre-built IPs address both technology and business needs. With strategic alliances with major technology vendors and in-house research capabilities, we act as an extended R&D team.


We provide a structured implementation approach in prioritizing your people, process and technology investments. With multiple engagement models to suit your needs, technology integration and transition from obsolete technologies will be seamless. Our continuous support is also guaranteed by our Managed services function through the complete cycle.

Design, development, and maintenance

Leverage application development services to define, design and build scalable enterprise-class applications for your customer interaction. Our technology services include:

  • CTI integration
  • CRM
    • Single integrated agent desktop solution
    • In-depth expertise in CTI products (Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Aspect, etc.)
  • Extensive knowledge of CRM integration points
  • Enterprise application integration
  • UAD development
  • Mobility integration
  • Communication enabled business process integration (Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel)
  • Presence and federation services
  • Middleware engineering
  • Performance engineering and optimization
  • Application modernization
  • Service oriented architecture design
  • Complex event processing
  • Web application development
  • Big data and analytics services
  • Remote operations
    • Management of remote operations through an offshore NOC
    • Monitoring of network and IT platforms
    • Maintenance of global health standards across your entire infrastructure
  • Database and platform services
    • Database architecture / design
    • Platform migration / consolidation analysis
    • Database high availability / disaster recovery protection / server consolidation
    • Upgrades (Oracle 11g, SQL 2008)
  • End-user computing
    • Consultative approach to end-user computing
    • Flexible and mobile cloud-based access to applications
    • Migrating current applications to next generation converged infrastructure
    • Quick deployment of product enhancements
    • Seamless product upgrades
    • Rapid resolution of technical issues, no matter the channel or platform

End-to-end customer experience management

Customer experience management
  • Implement complete automation across the customer lifecycle
  • Optimize customer engagement, strategies, and policies by standardizing CEM processes
  • Deliver relevant experiences across all touch-points through automation
Contact center analytics
  • Collect, analyze and interoperate customer data to provide next best action recommendations
  • Receive order status, delivery notifications, and appointment reminders via calls, email or SMS
  • Incorporate speech analytics to improve first-contact resolution
Customer service
  • Integrate multiple touch points online and offline to provide true omnichannel customer service
  • Improve the relationship with customers while decreasing operational costs
  • Increase revenues by predicting next best actions
Marketing analytics
  • Turn digital marketing into a science with our intuitive analytics around campaigns, strategies and tactics
  • Execute marketing plans by identifying key customer profiles to understand cost effective ways to reach those segments
  • Customize to industry and marketing platforms
End-of-life support
  • Continued support for a wide range of technologies, platforms and applications
  • Rich experience in application development working with Fortune 1000 enterprises and leading technology providers
  • Full lifecycle and end of life support for applications and select hardware from top industry vendors
  • Maintain compliance as per multiple regulations without compromising the workflow of a traditional campaign
  • Drive collections campaigns with outbound solutions which maximizes agent productivity
  • Achieve a greater number of right party contacts through complex yet intuitive, multi-channel call strategies

Best-in-class customer interaction products

Incubated by Servion Analytics and Innovation Lab (SAIL), our innovative solutions can be used as separate modular add-ons to the existing ones.


An innovative solution that helps to predict customer interaction intent based on behavioral and transaction knowledge. Our powerful research-assemble-optimize approach simplifies the customer interaction maze.


An intelligent business dashboard utilizing data from self-service, agent interaction, and customer behavior. It enables data integration, customer experience analysis, data analysis, performance assessment and business intelligence analytics.


An outbound solution designed to optimize, list and manage campaigns to deliver increased numbers of right party contacts via voice, email or SMS. It works by first optimizing target contacts and segments before developing advanced yet intuitive strategies.


A new age solution that integrates heterogeneous environments through plug-and-play connectors. It enables increased flexibility to specifically meet businesses’ individual needs.


An agile digital framework which will aid to digest, enrich and manage micro segment interactions and transaction data across channels and business systems to extract insights that can positively impact customer experience.

Alliance-led experience and expertise

Servion’s Technology Services range from simple integration to optimizing complex self-service applications. We partner with the best to deliver the right-fit solutions, irrespective of the technology ecosystem.

  • Self-service application design and development
  • Implementation services for Cisco and Avaya
  • Integration services
  • Staff augmentation services
  • QA services
  • Product engineering services
  • Product engineering in the digital age

    We align business objectives with customer journeys and enhance the overall brand experience.

  • Breaking new ground in customer satisfaction

    See how we ride the digital wave to drive superior customer engagement.

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