Our mature consulting-led assessment modules evaluate your progress based on customer experience journeys. Our core metrics help translate your efforts into elevated customer experiences.

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  • Brand to strategy

    Align your service strategy to your brand promise and your brand image
    • Emotions Cluster analysis
    • One-on-one interviews with management and employees
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Customer experience

    Understand, assess, analyze and improve the customer experience
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • One on one interviews with management, employees and customers
    • Customer surveys across segments
    • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Capacity modelling

    Understand the cost of customer interaction center requirement
    • Forecasting gap assessment
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly event Analysis
    • Schedule analysis as-is business rules
    • Shrinkage Understanding
    • Capacity simulation
  • Technology

    To know what technology changes are required in alignment with business needs
    • System usage and system architecture
    • Applications and processes
    • Integration design
    • Unfulfilled business / operational needs
    • Maintenance setup
  • Interaction process map

    Understand the current customer interaction processes by mapping specific requirements
    • CRM Interaction Analysis
    • Call Listening
    • Process Mapping
    • Agent process inconsistency assessment
  • People and quality

    Understand and evaluate the recruitment, training, quality and certification processes
    • Quality and performance processes
    • Employee engagement processes
    • Performance base lining
    • Stack ranking of agents
    • Soft skills training
  • Self service

    Assess true self-service and create potential ways to reduce transfers
    • Customer Behavior Analytics
    • Call Listening
    • Agent Interaction
    • Customer Surveys
    • Competition Study
  • Activity-based costing

    Determine the true cost of services and sales across your organization
    • Salary cost collection
    • Network cost collection
    • Technology cost collection
    • Facility cost collection
    • Activity identification
    • Cost distribution
  • New Call-to-action
  • New Call-to-action
  • New Call-to-action
  • New Call-to-action

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