Having designed over 1,000 solutions worldwide, we understand that the point of interaction is the moment of truth. It is at this point, that brands live or die. Servion Consulting aims at connecting what customers expect and what they ultimately get. Be it people, process or technology, we stitch together a structured solution that begins at the top with the brand promise and business objectives and works its way into your technology components and SLAs.

We work towards enhancing your customer experience by aligning your service strategy with your brand promise. We call this Customer Experience. By Design.

  • Assessment Modules

    Assessment Modules

    Streamline your IT operations to maximize customer value and chart progress based on customer journeys.

  • CIM-Blueprint


    Customer Interaction Management (CIM) is a state-of-the-art knowledge framework and implementation methodology.

  • CIM-Index


    Customer Interaction Management (CIM) is a collection of global practices as standardized interaction methodologies.

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