Delivering your brand promise

Most customer service failures can be attributed to the enterprise’s inability to align service strategy with the brand promise. The risk of taking a decision without a structured approach results in poor investment decisions that lead to deteriorating customer experience. This is the core thought process that strengthens the consulting arm of Servion.

  • Why Servion Consulting?
  • CIM Blueprint
  • CE.BD.
  • Assessment Modules
  • CIM Indexing

Designed to nurture customer happinness

  • The only specialist focused on customer interaction management consulting with the ability to deliver assignments globally
  • Powerful and proven tools to identify, analyze and understand the root causes of problems and inefficiencies in the contact center
  • A comprehensive and holistic approach involving all key stakeholders across the enterprise
  • Maximum utilization of available resources
  • People, process and technology -based recommendations
  • Roadmaps for foreseeable future
  • Integrated approach that redefines and maximizes contact management strategies

Assess, Analyze, Advice and Assist

Customer Interaction Management Blueprint (CIM - B) is a methodology to assess the maturity of contact management in an enterprise. It determines a series of measures in the form of business and technology design blueprints to align customer interactions with business needs.

  • It employs a series of analytical techniques to arrive at the current position of the contact center against its maturity lifecycle and to identify opportunities for improvements
  • It involves four steps – Assess, Analyze, Advise, and Assist
  • Assessment encompasses five decision-making layers – brand, business, financial/functional, operational and technology

Customer Experience. By Design.

Servion’s approach to building exceptional customer experience is based on 3Ds – Discover, Design, and Deliver. 'Customer Experience. By Design.’ is how we create outstanding and consistent customer interaction management solutions.

Our secret lies in tailoring the experience on the basis of a brand’s promise to its customers. Then comes our technology expertise and our ability to interface customer engagement platforms with back-end systems.



With every interaction a customer has with an organization, they have an expectation of the interaction. We help organizations understand what their customers expect by discovering hidden opportunities they have at their customer touch points during the start of the engagement.

  • Activity based costing
  • Brand to strategy
  • Business process mapping
  • Capacity planning
  • CIM indexing
  • People & performance management
  • Self-Service optimization
  • Technology assessment
cebd discover


The moment of truth in every customer touch point is at the point of interaction. It is at this point, that businesses live or die. It is at this stage that we help differentiate an organization from the other by designing customer interactions that offer compelling experiences.

Process Design
  • Process maps
  • FDD
  • Dashboard
  • Self-service optimizatic
People Design
  • People
  • Training
  • KPL
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Hiring
Technology Design
  • Technology selection
  • RFP Management
  • Architecture
  • Technology optimization
cebd design


In every customer interaction, there exists a gap between what customers expect and what they ultimately get. We bridge this gap by delivering an interaction strategy that provides an experience in line with your brand promise.

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
Managed Services
  • Tools
  • Platforms
  • Processes
  • Servinsights
  • Servintuit
  • FDD
cebd deliver

From Assessment to Improvement

We offer a set of mature consulting-led assessment modules to evaluate the enterprise's progress based on customer experience journeys. It encompasses the following:

  • Self-service analysis – assess true self-service and create potential ways to reduce call transfers
  • Activity-based costing – determine the true cost of services and sales across the enterprise
  • Brand to strategy – align service strategy to brand promise and brand image
  • Customer experience – understand, assess, analyze and improve customer experience
  • Capacity modeling – discover the cost of customer interaction center requirement
  • Technology assessment – know what technology changes are required in alignment with business needs
  • Interaction process map – unearth current customer interaction processes by mapping specific requirements
  • People and quality – evaluate recruitment, training, quality, and certification processes

Indexing CIM practices

We provide an assessment framework based on a compendium of global practices that are structured as standard, best and next practices. CIM indexing framework determines the cost, revenue and experience variables to index the customer interaction practices of the enterprise.

The following steps are involved:

  • Identify key areas that need improvement based on the index
  • Catalogue assessment information
  • Compare it with practices policies – Standard, Best and Next practices
  • Categorize core findings as Standard Practices Index and Best Practices Index
  • Correlate the problem and substantiate the analysis
  • Heralding a new era of customer expereince

    Learn how our consulting solutions transformed customer service for a leading Middle-Eastern bank.

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