11, May 2016

Your package has been delivered…

Was life simpler when we weren’t distracted / bombarded with virtual stores?

It’s a tough question to answer. After all, smartphones and mobile applications go hand-in-hand as far as our purchasing decisions are concerned. The advent of social media platforms and e-commerce engines along with our dependencies on search engines has made it clear. The technological gap and connectivity between customers and businesses has reduced from a line to a dot.

Considering the mass digital consumption of services, has customer experience changed drastically as opposed to when it was delivered from brick-and-mortar stores?

To gain more insights, we first need to understand the philosophy of digital customer service. For instance, let’s take a look at online shopping and the many purposes it serves:

  • Convenience of shopping
  • Research to aid buying decisions
  • A hobby to get through the day and a stress-buster

In this case, customer satisfaction is more than a marketing strategy. Because it’s not just hassle-free shopping made fun and easy for any age group. It is a holistic experience. There are several moving parts to it. One has to ask – does the brand have a user-friendly website/ application? How timely and effective is post-sales support?


For instance, if I order a package, I check the status of the transaction around 8-10 times a day. And if the delivery happens earlier than it should, I am a happy customer.

With the level of transparency between the customer and the seller being negligible, I often know the minute details in the transaction through the tracking system. As an example, when I ordered a package, I was informed of a delay in shipment with the reason being a break down in the carrier van. This not only created a delight in my user experience but also increased my loyalty towards the next purchase from the very same store.

Suffice to say, the tracking system designed for package navigation is a major part of my customer experience.

E-commerce is here to stay and it will continue to shape the way customer experience is delivered.

And I ask you, has your loyalty increased towards e-commerce portals because of similar forms of customer experience?

Roshini is a marketing professional at Servion Global Solutions. She creates powerful content and the visual elements that go along with it. She goes by the Brene Brown quote “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world”.

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One response to “Your package has been delivered…”

  1. Murali R says:

    Good…But e-commerce, technology these things are very old. I seen many post on your blog. i am not able to find any innovative things. When your going to deliver a product into the customer it should be Innovative. Without new ideas we cant achieve in the market. Always success comes from New idea’s. My suggestion try to implement new idea’s. And give a preference to Innovative’s.

    Thanks …All the best for servion future.

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