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11, May 2016

Was life simpler when we weren’t distracted / bombarded with virtual stores?

It’s a tough question to answer. After all, smartphones and mobile applications go hand-in-hand as far as our purchasing decisions are concerned. The advent of social media platforms and e-commerce engines along with our dependencies on search engines has made it clear. The technological gap and connectivity between customers and businesses has reduced from a line to a dot.

Considering the mass digital consumption of services, has customer experience changed drastically as opposed to when it was delivered from brick-and-mortar stores?

To gain more insights, we first need to understand the philosophy of digital customer service. For instance, let’s take a look at online shopping and the many purposes it serves:

  • Convenience of shopping
  • Research to aid buying decisions
  • A hobby to get through the day and a stress-buster

In this case, customer satisfaction is more than a marketing strategy. Because it’s not just hassle-free shopping made fun and easy for any age group. It is a holistic experience. There are several moving parts to it. One has to ask – does the brand have a user-friendly website/ application? How timely and effective is post-sales support?


For instance, if I order a package, I check the status of the transaction around 8-10 times a day. And if the delivery happens earlier than it should, I am a happy customer.

With the level of transparency between the customer and the seller being negligible, I often know the minute details in the transaction through the tracking system. As an example, when I ordered a package, I was informed of a delay in shipment with the reason being a break down in the carrier van. This not only created a delight in my user experience but also increased my loyalty towards the next purchase from the very same store.

Suffice to say, the tracking system designed for package navigation is a major part of my customer experience.

E-commerce is here to stay and it will continue to shape the way customer experience is delivered.

And I ask you, has your loyalty increased towards e-commerce portals because of similar forms of customer experience?

Roshini is a marketing professional at Servion Global Solutions. She creates powerful content and the visual elements that go along with it. She goes by the Brene Brown quote “Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world”.

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