World’s best airports for customer experience, brands experimenting with shoppable social media and get a mortgage in 30 mins

30, March 2018

Here’s the latest from the world of the Customer Experience for your weekend reading – the highs and lows, the movers and shakers, the drama, the action and the debates, in this week’s roundup.

World’s best airports for customer experience

Airports have come a long way from eons ago when the Wright brothers first successfully flew an airplane. Now, there are about 40k airports around the world, with everything from Wi-Fi to luxury spas and Starbucks. Some of them are so passenger-friendly that exploring them is worth the travel itself. In a recent survey by Airports Council International (ACI), it was revealed that the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Rome, and Toronto, offered the best customer experience.

Nike’s new app aims to enhance its store experience

Nike wants customers to search for online deals on their mobile phones while browsing in their the retail giant’s brick-and-mortar stores. Running tests for this enhanced store experience with “App at Retail”, Nike is clearly eager to aim to please its younger customer base. Replicating the Amazon Go model, this test app also lets shoppers reserve and try products in the store’s locker before purchase.

A mortgage in 30 minutes

Gone are the days when getting a loan to kickstart your business meant cumbersome waiting time.
In today’s fast-paced world, the pace has been accelerated. Now, a mere 30 mins is all it takes. Lenda, an online mortgage lender, has big plans to speed up the process by going all-digital. They have the in-built tech to approve or disapprove loans at lightning speed, including providing a notice of denial within 45 seconds, in case of a red flag situation.

Phillips is experimenting with shoppable social media

Social media is more than just a customer experience solution for brands. It can be a separate revenue stream. It is why Philips is gung-ho about a special something called shoppable social media. With content fueling it, this model allows customers to directly purchase the products they see while engaging with the brand on social media platforms. No matter the size of the brand, social e-commerce is the wave of the future. And some of the biggest retailers believe that it starts today.

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