We are Servion: Pursuing balance and pushing boundaries

24, August 2017

Work-life balance means something to every individual. From prioritizing between work and leisure to taking vacations and passionately pursuing other areas of interest, it can vary depending on people are in their careers. And the kind of brands they are associated with.

Over the years, at Servion, we have internally advocated the need for a state of equilibrium that makes people productive and happy. We have always encouraged our employees to be awesome at work and outside of it too! Whether a fresher who attends our interviews or the many who have been with us for nearly two decades, we reinforce a culture of meaningful recognition and engagement, and not just pass around brownie points for working during weekends or late hours.

For us, work-life balance or integration is not a goal. It is a journey. Because each one of our employees has a unique identity that defines who they are and what makes them different. And instead of thrusting our notion of what they should be doing when, we give them the power to choose responsibly.

Balancing Act

Through this monthly series, we hope to capture a portion of the exciting lives our employees lead outside the office premises. We are unsure if we can adequately bring to light just how awesome they are.

But, we have tried our best.

The first of the video series showcases Chris Lackey who is Vice President – Alliances Business, Americas at Servion. He brings with him 25+ years of experience in solution sales at large enterprise organizations. He is a strategic technology sales leader with an outstanding record of improving stakeholder value by driving new business for global industry leaders. Over the past 12 years as Area Sales Director at Dimension Data, he led a team to provide effective technology solutions spanning converged communications, networking, data center, security, and end user computing.

Previously, Chris spent time selling engineering services at Lucent/INS and lifecycle services at Entex Information Services.

Watch the video to know more about what Chris loves to do!