TIME’s person of year, Robots as colleagues and mobile customer journey
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8, December 2017

Artificial intelligence correctly predicts TIME’s person of the year

Nicknamed ‘The future teller’, Ray Kurzweil holds the highest score for predicting the future. His accuracy rate is an astonishing 86%. He collaborates with ‘Unanimous AI’, also called ‘Artificial Swarm Intelligence” to do this. This combination produces, what is called a smart mind. Kurzweil used this to predict this year’s TIME’s person of the year from a list of trending people associated with major events and movements. The #MeToo movement was rightly predicted by him by combining the power of human wisdom with intelligent algorithms.


IoT, data storage to dominate enterprise IT in 2018

The adoption of IoT platforms will dominate the key strategies in enterprise IT in 2018 along with Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data and Smart Object Storage.  It will have to work with the business operations to define the scope of an IoT project. Focus on architecture and making operational entities and process digital will be crucial to the cause. Also, the isolated silos of data will be leveraged to get insights and shape the strategy.


HR professionals will have robots as colleagues

Business will extensively implement AI related technology for assistance and invest heavily on them. According to Gartner, By 2020 all products and services will be extensively based on Artificial Intelligence. It will also transform the job roles. Human resources will also undergo this change. With the help of Big Data, companies will be able to track the actions, decisions, intentions and the work cycle of employees. This insights from AI systems will allow HR to develop effective strategy and action plans to increase employee contribution, in addition to ensure their longevity in the company.


How to map a mobile customer journey for app development strategy

Customer Journey Mapping is an important strategy for enterprises to improve Customer Experience. It can help build a better product or app. It also puts the customers needs in the heart of big business strategies, and ensures that all the marketing efforts are aligned and are in the right place. There are few factors which will ensure that mobile customer journey mapping is a success – identifying customer behavior, gather data and close the potential gaps in the experience.


Key factors to consider before migrating your contact center to the cloud

Many industries are waking up to the potential of moving their business to the cloud. However, is it a good  to migrate to cloud? If then, what kind of cloud? Is it going to be private or public or hybrid? This is just the first of many questions you need to ask before jumping to cloud. A clear objective on what are the problems that can be solved with this transition, the costs involved, the ease of scalability. Your contact center will be the battleground and running operations from cloud can’t be done on a legacy system, therefore infrastructure changes will also be required. Overall the success of cloud migration and later maintenance will heavily depend on the choice of the vendor.