The omnichannel way to customer loyalty

21, April 2016

Every enterprise wants to deliver seamless and consistent customer experience. The moment of truth is when a customer interacts with them at any touch-point. This is when an enterprise has the opportunity to truly deliver its brand promise. But with the number of interaction points increasing and varied (read multi-channel) it becomes increasingly difficult to provide consistent customer experience across channels.

Research has proven that while enterprises focus on providing customer service across multiple channels, they are unable to offer a consistent, contextual and personalized service. Omnichannel is not an option; it is a need. Contact centers have been grappling with the problem of providing consistent and personalized services to customers for years now.

So what do contact centers need to bridge this gap? It should ideally come in the form of a tool that will help predict customer intent and provide a relevant experience. This would necessitate that the tool is backed by powerful analytics, with a powerful rule engine that would work seamlessly with leading business intelligence platforms. Such a tool would also need to study a customer’s journey in order to preempt customer behavior based on current context, not just on standard demographics.

It would be able to attract, retain and grow customers. It would provide a single integrated view of customer profiles and interactions. The customer data derived from such a tool would be invaluable for targeted follow-ups and marketing campaigns. Ultimately it would increase productivity and harness business value from contact centers.

It would also reduce the effort customers need to put it to get resolution for their issues. This would translate to a better perception of the brand, in turn leading to improved satisfaction and customer loyalty.

And we all know how very important customer loyalty is to any enterprise.

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