Patient experience, emotional connection and creativity
CX RoundUp 63

9, February 2018

Positive Feedback

A good brand builds its customer loyalty by listening to its customers. Getting customer inputs and suggestions can be crucial as it can help improve business units. Incorporating a good customer feedback process can reaffirm the customer-first approach and improve overall customer experience.

Emotional Connection

In the future, customer interaction will be all about emotional satisfaction. The way to move up the level of customer experience, it is essential to strike and emotional connection with your customers. The brands should be able to identify the emotions of their customers so as to provide the appropriate next best action and delivering to the specific need of the customer. Personalization can be used to leverage to optimize this process.

Creative Revolution

When it comes to talking about customer experience, it is mostly about how to leverage emerging technologies to optimize it. However, according to a recent research by Harvard Business Review, the role of creativity is equally important to establish human connection. This CX revolution is changing business process because it appears that decisions based on creativity creates are much more impactful rather than simple click through metrics.

Test of Patients

For healthcare institutions to remain relevant, it is no longer required of them to compare in their circles of health and wellness alone. In the age of patient experience, every interaction is treated as a unique and important puzzle piece, in an otherwise data-centric and digital world. Patient experience, now, has become an important factor and a matter of choice among hospitals for consumers to decide on their course of action.