author by Archana Sangili

19, May 2017


The biggest focus and investment areas for the majority of businesses, this year is – Customer Experience. New technologies are also contributing their share to enhance their CX strategy. Every week, we feature interesting articles from around the world on customer experience – news, trends, guides, and tips.

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author by Roshini Cherian

18, May 2017

Are You High On Enterprise Data And Is It Affecting Your Customers - Banner

There’s data all around you. Everything you see, be it a person, an automobile, or even an electronic device, has valuable data that needs to be collected. As you collect and store piles of it, you start to realise that you don’t know what to do with it.

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author by Manu Yegnaraman

16, May 2017


AI has been an intrinsic quest of the human race right from the moment we invented the computing machine. The urge to make the computing machines more intelligent than ever before, in fact, signalled the birth of algorithms and complex application development. Since then, the growth of AI along with its challenges has been constantly changing, similar to the advancements in the IT industry.

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author by Archana Sangili

12, May 2017


What’s in store for this week’s roundup on customer experience. A lot of interesting articles and a new category – conversational commerce.

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author by Servion

9, May 2017

Talking CX at NICE-Interactions 2017

Servion Global Solutions (, a specialist in the Customer Experience Management (CEM) domain, will be attending NICE Interactions 2017, a leading customer conference, on May 8-10 at The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas.

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author by Archana Sangili

5, May 2017


Hello, I would like to start by saying a big thank you to all of you who read this CX Roundup every week. The readership and support are increasing every week, this only makes us want to curate much more exciting articles for you guys. This week at our office we are charged to see […]

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author by Archana Sangili

3, May 2017

Human Touch in AI

Millennials can recite brand names and take personal pride in flaunting them. For such walking and talking brand advocates, enterprises need to go the extra mile by lending a personal customer care through an actual human being.

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author by Archana Sangili

28, April 2017


The CX Roundup is a weekly edition of news from all things related to customer experience. It includes technology, trends, and tips.

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author by Christy Bharath

27, April 2017

Zen and The Art of Proactive Customer Support - banner

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.” As a reputable brand, all you want from your customers is for them to be happy. It even sounds endearing when you say it aloud. You want a big smile on the face of customers whenever they […]

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author by Sheela Narashiman

25, April 2017

Graham Bell Telephone

On the way home, you pass the old telephone booth round the corner. You’ve never paid much attention to it. In fact, there are days that you have passed by and it failed to catch your eye. But today is different. You’ve lost your mobile and the old telephone booth suddenly seems to spring to life. You step into the dingy booth to find an old rotary phone. You drop the coin in the slot and start dialing. You hear the hello at the other end and that is when you realize how important this instrument is.

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