by Servion

30, September 2016


This new featurette will lend a new perspective on what’s going around the world in CX. Tips, trends, events and interviews will be among those featured. And every week will have different flavors. Come back for stories that you wouldn’t want to miss!

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by Abhilash Patri

28, September 2016


Customer experience stories and word of mouth play an important part in how the brand is perceived , but today is the impact restricted to the brand alone or does it have an impact on other brands operating in the same space. Sometimes brands have to bear the brunt of an unhappy customer experience created by a competitor.

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by Roshini Cherian

21, September 2016


Cloud computing (commonly referred as cloud) has been a buzzword doing the rounds over the last couple of years. It has transformed the way customer data is managed. It has given organizations the opportunities to pave the way and push customer experience to new fronts.

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by Sreeram Nambiar

15, September 2016


One of the greatest openings in the game of chess is the Ruy Lopez (also known as the Spanish Opening). In this move, if the starting players plan it correctly, he will carry a huge advantage. Much like a discovery meeting (what’s the customer’s business problem, pain points, roadmap, etc.) during a project, which is the first step in a presales consultation. This meeting lays the groundwork for long-term engagement. It’s an opening move!

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by Christopher Joel

12, September 2016


Predictive analytics have been put to extensive use to find out what customers like and what they don’t. Armed with this knowledge, organizations have aligned their campaigns to promote the curate products and solutions based on the insights.

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by Vimal Abraham

6, September 2016


Marketing has always been about creating a dialogue with customers. Unfortunately, many marketers continue to believe sending as much information as possible to the client is the best way to build engagement. The explosion in digital marketing & automation technologies has just made their job easy.

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by Sanjay Kalra

1, September 2016


Today, the biggest challenge for Enterprises is delivering superior and consistent Customer Experience across channels. It’s been proven repeatedly that Enterprises that provide superior customer experience lead consistently in revenue growth over laggards in customer experience.

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by Parameswaran E.K

29, August 2016


The business of sharing feedback has come a long way. Called by new and fancy names now, it has several variations such as ratings, review, feedback, evaluation or recommendation and is gaining increasing momentum.

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by Sreeram Nambiar

20, August 2016


Being an aviation enthusiast, taking to the skies is more than just one of the most wondrous inventions, it is a universe unto itself. An airplane is not just a fuel-injected vehicle, it is a window into the soul of the universe.

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by Sethuramalingam B.

25, July 2016


Technologies, platforms, solutions and application together witnessed this magnificent evolution of customer service. And if we look closely, there are many technologies that come to mind but three out of those specifically stand out.

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