What Makes Blockchain The Go-To Technology For CX-banner

Roshini Cherian

10, January 2018

Planning a holiday is a laborious task. From booking flights and hotels, putting on paper the places to visit and activities to keep engaged, there’s a lot of time and effort that you put in to perfect the itinerary. Or you might be someone who lets a vendor or travel agent do your planning with […]

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Customer experience from a customer’s viewpoint is a win-win approach for both brands and their customers. It can be incorporated from an end-to-end customer lifecycle. But why is it essential? It is a step to maximize the performance towards the shareholder.

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2018 customer experience trends - banner

Customer experience (CX) has become the quintessential scale to choose between brands, and poor experience is a way of falling short in the buyer’s journey to seamless interaction. However, over time businesses have begun to adopt and understand that a key component to building their CX strategies is around the customer. With rising expectations, the climb […]

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Resolutions Your Customers Will Not Make In 2018 - banner

Christy Bharath

3, January 2018

It’s that time of the year for brands, again. They must go through the 2018 New Year resolutions they came up with, as they raised a root beer toast at the office Christmas party. Changes, big and small, that can go a long way to keep their customers connected, loyal and happy. Eager to deliver great customer experience throughout the year, they may have forgotten to ask the gazillion-dollar question.

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Rise of Robotic Workforce Supervision - banner

With robotic process automation (RPA), being quick to implement, business operations can be seamlessly integrated and scaled without having to face a downtime or rebuild systems. The bots involved can manage anything from cognitive assessment to execution, and data migration to complex analysis using artificial intelligence and analytics in order to gather meaning and context […]

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