by Vimal Abraham

6, September 2016


Marketing has always been about creating a dialogue with customers. Unfortunately, many marketers continue to believe sending as much information as possible to the client is the best way to build engagement. The explosion in digital marketing & automation technologies has just made their job easy.

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by Parameswaran E.K

29, August 2016


The business of sharing feedback has come a long way. Called by new and fancy names now, it has several variations such as ratings, review, feedback, evaluation or recommendation and is gaining increasing momentum.

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by Sreeram Nambiar

20, August 2016


Being an aviation enthusiast, taking to the skies is more than just one of the most wondrous inventions, it is a universe unto itself. An airplane is not just a fuel-injected vehicle, it is a window into the soul of the universe.

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by Servion

21, July 2016


Managing waiting lines is an important aspect for businesses striving to build better customer experiences. And this is what we did for a leading Asian bank to improve their customers’ waiting experiences.

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by Parameswaran E.K

15, July 2016


As with every other ecosystem, the Last Mile is also an amalgamation of diverse groups that co-exist and thrive interdependently.

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by Abhilash Patri

13, July 2016


At first sight, diversification seems to be a ‘win–win’ situation for both the service provider and the consumer, but is that all there is to the story?

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by Sethuramalingam B.

8, July 2016

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The power rests with the customer and to make sure enterprises thrive in competition, enterprises need to undo certain ways of handling customers and build newer ways to ensure that they not only stay with them but also promote them.

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by Sanjay Kalra

6, July 2016


Everyone seems to be doing it – the UC and PBX vendors, the Unicorn startups, the Communications Service Provider & Telecom Companies. What does this mean to the market?

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by Parameswaran E.K

30, June 2016


Who drives the finale of the last mile? Is it the enterprise or is it the customer? Hazarding a guess on the future is not an enviable task. Especially in today’s turbulent times, the future is confusing, ambiguous and downright uncertain.

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by Renil Mohan

23, June 2016


You may survive for a while but in the end, the customer always has the clear shot. Your brand promise turns into a KO just waiting to happen.

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