Archana Sangili

1, September 2017


Welcome to the CX Roundup.

In this blog post, we bring to you the best of customer experience news, trends, and insights around the world.

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Roshini Cherian

31, August 2017

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In the recent Walt Disney-produced film ‘Zootopia’, a scene between a rabbit and a sloth who works at the Department of Motor Vehicles office demonstrates what bad customer experience used to be like. While the rabbit is in a rush to get the license details of a speeding car, but it gets stuck with a […]

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Sheela Narashiman

30, August 2017

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There is a general adage that barring confidential information – everything else is available on Google. Well, that seems to be true the minute one starts searching for some information. Just type ‘Evolution of the call center’ and Lo! the best suited options are displayed on the screen. Most of these articles have looked at […]

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Roshini Cherian

24, August 2017


Work-life balance means something to every individual. From prioritizing between work and leisure to taking vacations and passionately pursuing other areas of interest, it can vary depending on people are in their careers. And the kind of brands they are associated with. Over the years, at Servion, we have internally advocated the need for a […]

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Vimal Abraham

22, August 2017

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A few years ago, Warner Brothers released ‘Her’, an existential science-fiction movie about a man who develops a special relationship with Samantha – an artificial intelligence-enabled Operating System. As the story progresses, Samantha shows an incredible ability to learn and grow psychologically – and even discusses matters such as love, life, and death. Soon, the OS becomes his sole companion.

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